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Yes, Men Need Skin Genius, Too!

By Ysabel Vitangcol on July 17, 2020

If you’ve run down the list of those who’ve tried Belo’s latest innovation, you’ll come across a ton of stunning women: Jane de Leon, Iza Calzado, Camille Co, Jinkee Pacquiao, Morissette Amon, and more. But the RF + microneedling treatment doesn’t just help reduce skin laxity in women—it’s also great for men who are looking to get their jawline back and address a plethora of skin concerns! Here are three reasons #BeloSkinGenius is a must-try for men.

1. It dramatically reduces oiliness.

When David Guison tried Skin Genius, he was only expecting to see a slimmer and more sculpted face. But in his YouTube video a few weeks later, he was ecstatic to report that he became much. Less. Oily. He was so matte, he stopped using oil control sheets throughout the day! And since men tend to produce more oil than women, this is definitely a plus.

2. It helps bring back a sculpted jawline.

Though you may work out and eat healthy, fat that is located on your face has a notorious habit of being hard to get rid of. Belo Skin Genius’ uncanny ability to target the different thicknesses and qualities of skin makes it more efficient in slimming down the face. The 49 microscopic needles are able to hit at a precisely determined depth, allowing for more consistent results across the board. For more scientific information on how that works, read our other blog post: What Makes Belo Skin Genius So Effective?

3. It works on men (and women, of course!) of all ages…and it’s much less painful compared to other skin rejuvenation treatments.

Once men reach a certain age, their pain tolerance (or predisposition to any sort of pain, really) understandably drops. Treatments like Thermage FLX and Ulthera Prime come with some level of discomfort. But with Skin Genius, the application of Emla (plus the quickness and precision of the treatment) allows for less pain, making it a much more comfortable experience. In Dr. Belo’s recent Facebook Live session with Doc Hayden Kho and Isabelle Daza, she mentioned treating patients as old as 66 and 74 years old, and they were extremely happy with the results. To the ladies reading this, here’s a treatment you can finally convince the husband (or even the dad!) to try. 

Anxious but excited to try Belo Skin Genius? You can start off by learning everything about Skin Genius here. Then, take the next step with a Belo Live Consultation by booking here (or a real-life one by calling 8819-BELO). We can’t wait to bring back the sculpted, chiseled you!

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