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10 Small Indulgences That Will Make Bathtime More Relaxing

By Ysabel Vitangcol on September 23, 2020

In today’s current circumstances, there’s not much room for R&R. Working from home just might have decimated that final boundary between office and home—and having kids or pets around doesn’t help matters. But there’s one untouchable oasis that we all have in our homes: the humble bathroom. We’ve conjured up to ways for you to enrich an otherwise ordinary human experience and turn it into the highlight of your day (or every other day…we won’t judge).

1. Set the mood.

We flock to spas for the ambiance—the dimmed lighting, aromatherapy, and relaxing music. Remind yourself of that feeling again by using scented candles and essential oil diffusers loaded with your favorite scents. If you have a bathtub, you could even bring a glass of wine to the mix. And lose the painful white lighting—try a warm white setup for added relaxation.

2. Invest in a shower speaker.

Waterproof shower speakers come in various colors, and they suction to your wall easily so you can be closer to your music.

3. Try a portable, foldable bathtub.

Is space a struggle? Not to worry—online shopping websites sell portable bathtubs that you can fill with hot water, sink into for half an hour, and then put away when you’re all done! If you’ve seen Crash Landing on You, you’ll remember that scene where the character Yoon Se-Ri sits in a makeshift bathtub. It’s kind of like that! It’s easy, space-saving, and oh-so-luxurious. 

4. Depot unsightly cleaning materials and hand soaps in amber bottles.

Cleaning materials and soaps tend to come in neon-bright bottles with obnoxiously emblazoned brand names. To keep everything in your bathroom ~*aesthetic*~ and conducive to relaxation, depot those bottles with amber bottles you can buy online. Now everything fits your color scheme!

5. Treat yourself to a twice-a-week body scrub experience.

According to Dr. Vicki Belo, you need to exfoliate two to three times a week to get rid of that uppermost layer of dead skin—and to feel baby-smooth again. So every Tuesday and Friday (or it’s up to you, really), give yourself a 30-minute scrub session, beginning with a brightening soap and ending with a radiance-boosting cream. Your body will thank you!

6. Get a phone or tablet mount.

If you’re like most people, you probably prop up your phone on a soap dish or on some dirty laundry when watching Netflix in the shower. It’s time to elevate your watching experience with a phone or tablet mount. Won’t it be nice to have a dedicated space for your gadget while you soap away? Just make sure your device is water-resistant!

7. Find a fluffy shower mat to dig your feet into.

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There’s nothing that kills a spa mood like the cold. And stepping out of your shower to a freezing floor is sure to ruin the experience. Look for a shower mat that’s thick enough for your toes to wiggle into before you put on your house slippers to change. It’ll make a world of a difference!

8. Up your comfort level with a bathrobe.

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OK, so you already have a towel, you don’t need a bathrobe, yadda yadda yadda. But this article isn’t called “10 Small Indulgences That Will Make Bathtime a Boring, Practical Experience.” We’re zhuzhing it up here! Get yourself a soft, thick, terry cloth robe that you can laze around in before putting your actual clothes on. Or maybe just wear the bathrobe all day. It’s totally fine.

9. Splurge on a “special bath set” to save for extra-tiring days.

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There aren’t many thrills to be had while under quarantine. A fun suggestion: buy that expensive shampoo, conditioner, and body wash set that you’ve never been able to justify buying. And save them for days when you’re particularly tired and drained, just as a little treat! That way, those pricey babies last longer, and you have a nice reward tucked away for those bad days.

 10. End with a special treat!

When all is said and done, the body still needs moisture. Cap off your relaxing bath experience with a luxurious body emulsion that exfoliates, nourishes, and restores hydration. 

Life these days is already stressful enough. We owe it to ourselves to savor everyday experiences at home—it’s good for our mental health and gives us something to look forward to. And your body does so much and works so hard for you; it deserves a treat every now and then. Enjoy your bath, Belo Beauties!  

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