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8 Books to Line Up for Your October Reading List

By Ysabel Vitangcol on October 2, 2020

The Synopsis: The sequel to the wildly popular Call Me By Your Name, this novel finds our beloved Oliver and Elio crossing paths once more. This time, they just may find love once again in France—where Elio is already entangled with a new lover. Juicy.

Ideal reading sitch: By the pool on a hot Saturday afternoon, for those European ~summer vibes~. We wish Armie Hammer would swing by, though.

1. All Adults Here – Emma Straub

The Synopsis: Astrid Strick, now a grandmother, witnesses a bus accident that reminds her of a disturbing memory from her earlier days as a mother. With three grown children having problems of their own, she grapples with how to tell them a hard truth from years past. It just may change their relationship forever.If you’re like most people, you’ve long forgotten about that 2020 Reading Challenge you planned to embark on this year. But because our world’s short of being turned upside down these days, we’ll give you a free pass. Luckily for you, there are still three good months left in 2020—long enough for you to catch up on those reading goals. Or you could just pick one. Here are our eight best recommendations:

2. Mrs. Everything – Jennifer Weiner

The Synopsis: Bethie and Jo Kaufman grow up in the same family in 1950s Detroit—yet they couldn’t be more different. But trauma brings people together in unexpected ways, and both women just may fight for the life they both deserve. Will they make it through?

Ideal reading sitch: Sneak away on Tuesday and Thursday nights to read this before heading to bed. Tea optional, but encouraged.

3. Find Me – Andre Aciman

Ideal reading sitch: This is no easy read—definitely involve liquor (and maybe a book club if your friends are game).

4. Little Fires Everywhere – Celeste Ng

The Synopsis: A quiet Cleveland suburb is upended when mother-daughter duo Mia and Pearl Warren move in to rent a house from the affluent Richardson family. Neighborly tension—and chaos—ensues, and Elena Richardson just may be collateral damage. What secrets about Mia has she yet to discover?

Ideal reading sitch: During your commute to work (if you’re working at the office lately).

5. The Guest List – Lucy Foley

The Synopsis: It’s supposed to be a perfect wedding. On an island off the coast of Ireland, the bride, groom, and various guests celebrate a joyous union. Except, at some point during the night, somebody dies. Who is responsible?

Ideal reading sitch: Pass a copy between you and your SO, and discuss theories as you go along.

6. Midnight Sun – Stephenie Meyer

The Synopsis: It’s basically the iconic Twilight story from 2008, except this time, it’s written from Edward’s perspective. Bella and Edward meet at Forks High School after they’re paired in biology class…and it’s the beginning of a lovestruck (and extremely dangerous) journey to happily ever after.

Ideal reading sitch: Create a WhatsApp book club with your college buds who obsessed over Twilight back then with you, obvs!

7. Intimations – Zadie Smith

The Synopsis: This is an essay collection of what it’s like to live under quarantine in 2020—an extremely poignant and relevant work. A great read for those looking for commiseration and connection during this difficult time.

Ideal reading sitch: All by yourself, in quarantine, naturally.

8. Anxious People – Fredrik Backman

Eight unsuspecting strangers attend an open house to view an apartment that’s on the market. A dangerous man arrives to take everyone inside hostage. As police, TV crews, and negotiators rush to the scene outside, the trapped hostages begin to get to know each other…in the worst circumstances possible. 

Ideal reading sitch: Dedicate a Sunday afternoon for this entertaining read, which is sure to keep your attention away from your notifications for a good four hours.

Online shopping and new Netflix releases jostle for our attention more often than we realize. But nothing beats a good moment with a good book (bonus: no irritating blue light). Whether you get through one or all eight books on this list, we hope you rediscover your long-lost reading habit.

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