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Alden Richards’ Top 3 Favorite Treatments

By Ysabel Vitangcol on October 14, 2020

Any true Alden fangirl (*gingerly raises hand*) knows that the Belo Tomas Morato clinic is one of his happy places. And when he swings by, he’s likely to be doing one of the following three treatments—safe to say Alden’s found his faves, and he’s sticking to ‘em! If you want his signature chiseled look and flawless face, take a cue from Alden’s top 3 favorite Belo treatments:

1. For a jawline that can cut glass: Thermage FLX

Alden shared with us last year that his once-chubby face actually runs in the family: “My dad, brothers, and sisters have it. Regardless of how thin we get, we still get what we call ‘maga face.’” Thanks to Thermage FLX, he no longer has to worry! Once a year, Alden pops into the clinic to do this radiofrequency treatment, which tightens skin and increases collagen and elastin production. Jawline check! “Maganda talaga Thermage,” he mused after his recent treatment. We agree!

2. For a perfectly hydrated face: Glass Skin Facial

Everybody loves the Glass Skin Facial—from Julia Barretto to Bianca Umali, there’s no shortage of superfans for this Korean-inspired treatment. But did you know that men can totally do it, too? I mean, it’s the perfect way to channel Hyun Bin or Lee Min Ho! The ultra-hydrating treatment, when combined with basic cleaning, can give you the flawless, hydrated skin that you thought only K-drama stars could have. And Alden loves it! “My favorite treatment right here is the Glass Skin Facial,” he said in a video last June. And he has a little trick for enduring those painful extractions: “I usually ask for a mirror and watch the pimples get out of my face.” According to him, it actually lessens the pain! (You can always opt to have the Glass Skin Facial without cleaning if you’d prefer.)

3. For toning up those abs: Onda Coolwaves

Of course, it’s not all about the face—Alden’s got to take care of his body, too! He’s been working on his fitness lately, so he’s supplementing his diet and workouts with Onda Coolwaves. This body-contouring system diminishes cellulite and liquefies fat, pain-free! “Since I lost a lot of weight, medyo nagkaroon ako ng loose skin sa may love handle area [and] sa may stomach,” he shared in a November 2019 video. And he’s super-impressed with its immediate effects. “Nagulat ako sa effect niya, kasi right after n’ung treatment, doon ko naramdaman ‘yung warm feeling sa stomach. Nag-work ‘yung effect niya right after the session.” It’s no wonder that he looks like this:

When it comes to his treatment plan, Alden keeps it simple: something for slimming the face, something for hydrating it, and something to keep his body toned. As long as you’ve got everything covered, you’ll be good to go!

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