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Dr. Vicki Belo Challenges Alden Richards to Do The “Hello, Love, Goodbye” Challenge

By Ysabel Vitangcol on January 10, 2021

Who else is super happy to leave 2020 behind? We’re with you. To kick things off, our very own Dr. Vicki Belo had an award-winning heartthrob as her guest for YouTube channel’s new year special—none other than the gorgeous and talented Alden Richards!

During the show, Dr. Belo invited the (still undisputed) Philippine box-office king to do the “Hello, Love, Goodbye” Challenge in honor of his multi-awarded movie with Kathryn Bernardo. For the challenge, Dr. Belo gave Alden a series of situations, objects, food, and (gasp) persons and he needs to say whether he will say hello, whether he loves them, or whether he’ll say goodbye to them this year.

Dogs: Love

Did you know that Alden has five dogs? He considers them as his stress relievers.

Cats: Goodbye

He doesn’t like the smell of cat poop. Easy as that.

Sweets: Goodbye, but…

Alden has a major sweet tooth! So he says he needs to say goodbye to sweets, but currently he’s somewhere between love and goodbye when it comes to sweet treats.

Maine Mendoza: Always Hello!

When asked by Dr. Belo if Maine is really the quiet, shy type, Alden shares that she might be reserved, but she’s quite a riot when around friends.

Kathryn Bernardo: Hello

Alden shared that he barely sees his Hello, Love, Goodbye co-star in real life, but their cast group chat is still pretty active.

Flying A Plane: Hello

It used to be Alden’s ambition to be a pilot, so he said he’s always wanted to learn how to fly a plane. Take us with you, Alden.

Traveling: Love

“Starved as of the moment,” he shared, but he said he loves traveling. He shared with Dr. Belo that his travel bucket list includes Antarctica, Croatia, and Russia.

Quarantine: “‘Di pa ba goodbye?”

We’re asking the same question, Alden. Same. When asked by Dr. Belo if he’s open to taking the COVID-19 vaccine, without skipping a beat Alden said yes.

Girlfriend: Hello

Did you know that the last time Alden had a girlfriend was when he was in high school? Dr. Belo asked Alden if he has any plans to have a girlfriend this year, but instead, he confidently answered, “I’m planning to get married by 30 (years old), Doc. That’s my plan.” And if you’re curious, Alden is now 28 and super single. 

When asked about what he looks for in a partner, he said, “Gusto ko lang doc, ‘yung sinu-support niya ko as much as I support her… Gusto ko we grow separately as individuals, but we also grow together as partners.” He added: “someone who’s very passionate about life, maalaga, and understanding.” So get in line, ladies.

John Lloyd Cruz: Hello

“Idol ko ‘yan, eh,” Alden said about the veteran Kapamilya actor, sharing that he was one of the people he talked to about doing a movie with Star Cinema. “[He’s] very supportive… Sabi niya, as long as masaya ka, you do it.”

Gaming: Love

When asked by Dr. Belo whether he’ll choose gaming over having a girlfriend, Alden said he’d prioritize his girlfriend. Now you know!

Shopping: Goodbye

He’s said goodbye to shopping a long time ago. “I don’t find happiness anymore when I get material things… I just save the money for a rainy day.” Dr. Belo echoed and shared that one of the things a lot of people realized during the quarantine is finding out what truly matters: love, family, and health.

Acting Awards: Always Love

“For me, an award is an affirmation that you’ve done and delivered your part in a certain project… you’ve exceeded the expectations of the people watching it,” Alden shared, adding that he’s always wanted to go international as an actor.

Going to Church: Love

…however, they both admitted that it’s so hard to physically go to church right now, so they’re going to church via Zoom during the lockdown.

Ensaymada: Love

“Especially ‘pag bagong init,” Alden said, then immediately took a huge bite out of the ensaymada. Same energy, TBH.

Brazo de Mercedes: Love

*bite with dance*

Carbonara: Love

After eating some carbonara, Alden shared that while shooting Imagine You & Me with Maine, they used to go to a restaurant in Italy (almost every day!) where he had the best carbonara ever.

Watch the video below…and make sure to watch until the end to see a very special cameo by Scarlet Snow!

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