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Gabbi Garcia: The LuminoVitaGlow Experience

By Ysabel Vitangcol on February 10, 2020

Actress Gabbi Garcia’s future is glowing. The 21-year old is constantly busy with a lot of projects. And a lot more opportunities are knocking on her door. 

It’s then not surprising that these means late nights and early morning call times. Like anyone else, Gabbi isn’t immune to its effects which include dull skin, lines and wrinkles, and other skin problems. “So in our line of work, being an artista, we’re always required to put on so much heavy makeup for the lights, for the cameras,” says Gabbi. 

Gabbi as a certified #BeloBaby, turned to Belo Medical Group’s LuminoVitaGlow for days she’s off-set. “But then on my normal days, I don’t usually put so much makeup. That’s where LVG helped me a lot. I gained confidence because people started complimenting my skin.”

The treatment calls together three steps, each one carrying Belo’s signature of effectivity and expertise to give you that celebrity-approved skin. 

It starts first with Time Peel, a unique gluconolactone-based peel that addresses wrinkles and textural issues. The second step is the much loved New Cellular Treatment Facto (NCTF). It is a nutrient-rich complex that creates an ideal cellular environment for amplified collagen production. The last step is the LED Photorejuvenation which rebalances and rejuvenates the skin while increasing the potency of both the Time Peel and the NCTF.

Following her friend and fellow actress Liza Soberano, Gabbi shares to us how she followed “all the skin programs” given to her by Belo Medical Group. “And then Doc Hayden and Doc Vicki asked me if I could do a video for them, and that was the LuminoVitaGlow. So I tried it for the first time. It’s painless. It rejuvenates your skin, and my morena glow doesn’t fade away because of LuminoVitaGlow.” 

Her favorite step is NCTF. “They’re injecting vitamins on your face. But it’s not really painful. It has over 50 vitamins, and it doesn’t just rejuvenate your skin, it tightens your skin.” 

The results according to Gabbi? “Less pores, and it makes you really fresh. After I did my LVG, I didn’t wear makeup for the whole week. Because I trusted the treatment so much and it worked so much for me.” 

Gabbi also shares with us how her LuminoVitaGlow results further her trust in the Belo Medical Group

After doing the recommended three LuminoVitaGlow sessions, Gabbi says she’d advise it to anyone, especially those who want to give the best to their skin. Gabbi shares, “If you wanna keep your color and you just really wanna glow, this is the perfect treatment for you. ‘Cause that was my very first concern. I told Dra. Vicki, I don’t really wanna change my skin color. I just really wanna glow.”

“Belo is the number one derma in the country, so why would I go, why would I try any other else? Belo is now on their 30th year, and I love not only Dra. Vicki, but the whole staff of Belo Family. They’re all pleasant. They know what they’re doing. And you know you can really count on them.”

Want to experience the LuminoVitaGlow Treatment yourself? Click here or call 8819-BELO (2356) to book an appointment now at any Belo Medical Group clinic!

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