How to Master Good Mirror Selfies: Tips from Julia Barretto

How to Take Good Mirror Selfies, According to Julia Barretto

By Ysabel Vitangcol on December 22, 2020

Staying at home means our social media feeds have been flooded with at-home content lately. One of the most popular types of posts in the past few months were mirror selfies. You’d think there’s only so many ways to do a mirror selfie before it becomes boring or repetitive. Belo Baby Julia Barretto is here to prove you wrong with her go-to mirror selfie poses and tricks that look different every time.

  1. The classic OOTD full-body.

A staple pose in mirror selfies, a full-body shot allows you to show off your entire outfit of the day from your hair accessories all the way to your shoes. It works best if you have a full mirror, of course, as you don’t have to contort your body into fitting into a smaller frame. Just remember, it’s all about the lines of your body. Stretch out your leg to appear taller or play with foreground by putting one foot closer to the mirror.

  1. The outfit close-up.

Here’s a variation to the outfit mirror selfie. Instead of going for a full body, you can choose to take a tighter shot and zoom into the finer details of your look. Maybe you want all eyes on your dress. Fallen in love with your new shoes but don’t want to post a boring shoefie? Angle your phone so all that can be seen are your cute boots mirror.

  1. The camera-shy mirror selfie

Another classic mirror selfie pose involves not having to show your entire face at all. Simply hold your phone or camera in front of your face, partially or fully hiding it from view. If you’re only partially blocking the view of your face, tilt your head towards your phone and look at yourself on your phone screen instead of making eye contact in the mirror. This adds a touch of mystery to the snapshot since people can’t see your entire facial expression. This draws their eye to other things, such as your cute top or your background.

  1. The casual morning shot.

An easy way to keep your mirror selfies interesting is by documenting your mundane daily activities. Sit down in front of your mirror with a cup of coffee in your hand, just like Julia, to give people a peek into your day. Maybe you have a mirror in view of your work desk, so why not take a quick snap during your break to post on your feed? The possibilities are endless.

  1. The mirror as the focal point.

Sometimes we come across an IG-worthy mirror that deserves a spot on our socials. We completely understand since there are a lot of establishments whose interior design is just *chef’s kiss*. So if you happen to take a perfectly angled mirror selfie to show off your new find, we’ll be giving it a double-tap as it lands on our feed.

Mirror selfies are a fun but really effortless way of taking photos for your enjoyment. Play around with the different poses and angles to find out which suits your tastes the best. Snap away, Belo Beauties!

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