FB Live with Ogie Alcasid, Regine Velasquez & Dr. Belo

ICYMI: Facebook Live with Ogie Alcasid, Regine Velasquez, and Dr. Vicki Belo

By Ysabel Vitangcol on September 10, 2020

Regine Velasquez was Dr. Vicki Belo’s first-ever celebrity patient, and she’s one of the reasons Belo Medical Group became a household name in the 1990s. So it was only fitting that Dr. Belo and Doc Hayden Kho hold their next Facebook Live session with Asia’s Songbird, together with her husband, the equally talented Ogie Alcasid. You could already tell that between these two couples, we were in for a night of praise and worship, love and life advice, and good old wholesome fun. So if you missed last night’s Facebook Live with #OgRe and #HayToria (yes, these are their ship names), read on!


1. During this entire lockdown period so far, Ogie and Regine have only had one argument, and it involved an elevator.

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“This whole lockdown, parang one time lang kami nag-away talaga,” Ogie began. “First time niya akong napagtaasan ng boses after 10 years! Isang beses lang…tapos sabi ko sa kanya, ‘Akala ko ba sabi mo sa akin na hindi mo ako aawayin!’” Regine shared jokingly. “Nakulong ako sa elevator on my birthday dito sa bahay! Tapos hindi ako hinanap, tapos parang alam ko namang hindi niya kasalanan, but I just needed to blame someone, and I just blamed him.” As it turns out, Regine had turned on their home UV lights to sanitize their downstairs space, and so the elevator stayed closed as a precautionary measure. She was trapped for a good 30 minutes before she pried open the elevator doors herself! 

In his defense, Ogie replied that he had been upstairs reading a book and putting their son, Nate, to sleep. “I was reading a book, and Nate was saying, ‘I think I can hear Mom. I think Mom’s screaming!’ I knew she was about to turn on the UV, so I couldn’t go [downstairs]. Sabi ko, “‘Hon! Anong nangyayari diyan?’” Looks like an unfortunate misunderstanding is all…and the couple shared this story with lots of laughs!

2. They know that respect and forgiveness are key to making a modern family work.

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Fans know that Ogie was once married to Michelle van Eimeren. They have two daughters: Sarah and Leila Alcasid. Michelle and her husband, Mark Morrow, visit the Philippines often to bond with everyone. When asked by the doctors about how they navigate the ins and outs of being in a modern family, Ogie replied: “A lot of people would see us together—Michelle’s husband, myself, and all the kids, and we look really happy. We certainly are, but it’s not because of us that we are happy together. It really is by the grace of God.”

“As a second wife…” Regine began in jest, “Siguro ‘yung isang malaking factor for me is having forgiveness. [It’s] very, very important. Two is understanding each other…compassion.” When Dr. Belo asked if Regine ever had trouble forming a relationship with Leila, Regine replied, “Actually, hindi ako nahirapan with her, eh. She’s such a good girl din kasi. I figured, ang role ko sa life niya dito, although I am her stepmom, ayokong umarte na nanay ako ‘nung umpisa…kasi may nanay na siya, eh. ‘Nung umpisa, I just wanted to be friends with her, so our bonding before was to watch a series together. Every week, nandoon kami sa TV room, tapos nakahiga kami.” According to Regine, it was those fun post-show or post-movie discussions that actually brought them closer together.

3. They played a role in bringing their daughter Sarah closer to God.

“It was New Year’s Eve, and [my eldest daughter] said to me, ‘Hey, you know, Dad, I think I’m an atheist,’” Ogie recalled. “And I’m like, ‘Oh, that’s surprising.’ Michelle was totally shocked. I asked the Lord, ‘God, if you’re going to make me the head of this family, I need to be able to reach out to my loved ones, for them to know you better.’

“Lo and behold, that year, my daughter just said to me that she wanted to stay [in the Philippines]. It was really His way of…from her being an atheist, getting her to fall in love with Christ. Obviously, it wasn’t easy…since she came three years ago until today, it was a rediscovery of sorts. I started getting to know my daughter in a way that I have never known her. It was also more special because I got to know her more because of her love for Christ.” 

4. Regine needs Ogie to hug her at least three times a day!

Even #OgRe isn’t exempt from quarantine-induced stress, but the couple have leaned on an easy (and completely free) way to feel better. “I have to say, being with my husband is such a blessing for me. Kung wala ‘yung asawa ko, siguro masisira ‘yung ulo ko. Everyday, kailangan niya akong i-hug at least three times. Kasi I feel safe, I feel relaxed,” she shared. They vowed to hold each other more during this quarantine season to help relieve stress. “A lot of times, he doesn’t even say anything, just ‘I love you.’ That’s it, and my day is good.” This prompted tons of our viewers to comment, “Sana all!”

5. They sang four beautiful songs throughout the session.

If you’ve missed seeing Ogie and Regine in concert, our Facebook Live session was filled with intimate song numbers by the couple. They sang four songs, to be exact: first was “Beautiful,” an original song by Ogie and Moira dela Torre about the beautiful love of Jesus Christ. Next, a classic from the Velasquez repertoire: “Pangako,” during which the couple pulled off the most beautiful harmonies. In honor of the doctors, they also sang Rascal Flatts’ “God Bless the Broken Road,” an emotional country song about two people who’ve overcome plenty of challenges to finally end up together. Finally, they ended the live session with a flawless rendition of Hillsong United’s “What a Beautiful Name,” and they even encouraged viewers who wanted to accept Jesus Christ in that very moment to do so. It was a beautiful way to close the session—a celebration of the faith that both couples fervently share.

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