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Introducing Belo Skin Quality Program

By admin on September 11, 2019

Skincare routines can vary from one person to another. It’s simply because one person’s skin issues are unique as compared to the next person. This is why sometimes our understanding of what good skin is can be varied. Skin quality, in reality, and to a medical expert, is a measurable standard when it comes to the wellness of our skin. 

What is Skin Quality? 

According to Dr. Roland Bazin – Dermatologist & Co-Author of Skin Aging Atlas, skin quality is when the skin is at the ideal state. It has “an even, regular texture, like a baby’s skin, with no noticeable pores, skin that has no marks or visible thread veins, with a luminous, even complexion.” 

A clinical trial entitled “Evaluation of Skin Quality Improvement” further states that skin quality is “defined as evenness of skin tone, reduction of pore size and improvement in the appearance of preexisting skin scars.” 

Given these, it’s clear that skin quality isn’t just about saying you have normal skin. The term “normal” has been used too often. What you need to know is that normal skin can be quantified with several metrics that have specific conditions. 

Let’s go through them one by one, shall we? 

Skin Quality Quiz 

1. Even Color: Does your skin manifest evenness in color? Does it possess no dark spots, sun damage, redness, and blotchiness? Do you see no dark under-eye circles?

2. Smooth Texture: Does your skin feel soft and velvety to the touch? Does it have a uniform appearance despite the tiny hair follicles and pores? Is it free from bumps and acne?

3. Hydration: Do you drink a healthy amount of water every day? Do you drink at least half your body weight in water to maintain your skin’s balance (not too oily, not to dry)? Are you void of flaky skin?

4. Normal Sensations: Does your skin feel light? Is it free from unusual sensations such as itchiness, burning, and tightening? 

The Answer 

If you answered yes to the majority of the answers above then congratulations, you’ve got great skin quality. It’s all about maintaining it with the right daily routine and also regularly consulting with your dermatologist. 

If you answered mostly no and you know that there are certain issues which you need to deal with, don’t be bothered. 

Belo Medical Group is here to help you out with good skin quality, both in how to maintain it and how to achieve it. Under Belo Medical Group, there’s an army of solutions that tackle the various hindrances to good skin quality that include spots, wrinkles, texture, and red spots, to name a few.

Belo Skin Quality Program

There are several treatments at Belo Medical Group which defeat different skin concerns. These are: 

Are you confused about which ones to get and how often you should do it? Belo Medical Group figured so. This is why they created the Belo Skin Quality Program.

The Belo Skin Quality Program is a unique approach that shows off the pioneering expertise of Belo Medical Group when it comes to skincare. It is a tailored plan in addressing each and every issue you have. It’s a journey to your optimum skin quality. More than just telling you what treatments to get, they tell you what’s the best order in which to get them. 

How does it work? It starts with a consultation. A Belo Medical Group doctor will sit down with you so you can really discuss what your skin issues are and what’s holding you back from remarkable skin quality. 

After the consultation, you will be issued a three-month program, consisting of the right skin treatments for you from the list above and the right schedule of when and how often to get them. 

Guided by your Belo Medical Group doctor, the Belo Skin Quality Program will erase all the confusion to get to the ultimate goal: your ultimate skin quality. You’ll see results week after week and the systematic way by which each issue is solved. 

At Belo Medical Group, skin quality is all about giving each client the best version of themselves through a plan which is customized for them. 

Ready to embark on your own Belo Skin Quality Program? Call Belo Medical Group now at 819-BELO (2356) or email

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