360° Liposuction

This is a signature method of fat removal that, unlike most liposuction techniques, is not limited to one area. The procedure is done in  a circumferential manner, where adjacent areas surrounding the problem area are also targeted and addressed for a more streamlined look. 

360° Liposuction uses laser heat to dissolve or liquefy fat, making it easier to suction out and resulting in less bruising. The laser pulses are released through a fiber-optic tip, which is inserted into the fat layer of the skin via a thin cannula. During the process, the heat from the laser seals the blood vessels, making the procedure less bloody. This heat also helps stimulate contraction of the overlying skin for a tightening effect. The whole surgery is done under local anesthesia with “twilight sedation” and is therefore very safe compared to general anesthesia.

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Unwanted fat removal