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20 Times Scarlet Snow Belo Made Us Aww in 2020

By Ysabel Vitangcol on December 24, 2020

This year, some of us found inner peace through gardening, some through baking, and there are some who found it through Koreanovelas. But we at Belo Med found our stress reliever in the youngest Belo, Scarlet Snow.

Almost every day, we look forward to finding out what adventure she’ll be sharing on Instagram and it’s always heartwarming, wholesome fun. 

Here are our top 20 favorite Scarlet Snow moments from 2020 that made us laugh, learn something, and go awww! 

1. Funny Dreams

Scarlet loooves cuddling with her parents in bed. And at the start of 2020, her dad Dr. Hayden Kho got curious about her dreams. 

2. Wishing to find Daddy’s wallet

Most kids would wish for a new toy or gadget, but not Scarlet!

3. Praying with Ravi Zacharias

When Scarlet had the chance to meet Christian author and Dr. Hayden Kho’s spiritual father, the late Ravi Zacharias, she shared with him a prayer from her new book. 

4. Duet with Martin Nievera

Scarlet duets with Martin Nievera and they sing his classic song “I’ll Be There.” 

5. “What’s Yorme in British?”

In February, Scarlet got to meet Manila City Mayor Isko Moreno. Doc Hayden asks Scarlet, “What’s ‘yorme’ in British?” Watch it and you’ll learn something new today. 

6. Jollibee with Belo Baby Julia Barretto

Scarlet and fellow Belo Baby Julia Barretto go crazy when ChickenJoy arrives. TBH, we do the same thing every time. 

7. “Am I 5 or not?” 

Scarlet got so confused if she was still five years old because she got so many birthday celebrations this year. We’d be confused, too, babe. Don’t worry. 

8. Song for Frontliners

When the lockdown was announced and hospitals started bearing the brunt of the pandemic, Scarlet used her platform to raise awareness about the situation and hell uplift the spirits of our hardworking frontliners. 

9. Toothpick Joke 

She’s got a ridiculous sense of humor!

10. Teaching Mommy Piano

With everyone sheltering at home, she decided to teach mommy Dr. Vicki Belo how to play the piano! Scarlet says Dr. Belo was a good student. 

11. “Ako ay Pilipino”

Scarlet flawlessly recites “Ako ay Pilipino” in celebration of Philippine Independence Day in June—complete with her Filipiniana attire, a flag, and… a sheep plushie. 

12. The Seal and The Fish

Scarlet is a talented budding author and illustrator, and she loooves sharing her new stories with her family. 

13. Outfit Change with Mommy

This is too adorable not to share! Let this be our #twinning goals!

14. Tooth Fairy 

When the tooth fairy came, it gave her a generous gift in exchange for her baby teeth. Can the tooth fairy visit adults, too? Asking for a friend. 

15. The Last Supper Illustrated Book

She loves turning Bible stories into illustrated books. Look at her imitate Jesus’ face in pure anguish. 

16. What’s Scarlet’s Favorite Food?

This princess loves lechon! A little girl after our hearts. 

17. Planets with Kuya Quark

Scarlet “schools” her Kuya Quark Henares on the basics of astronomy. 

18. Halloween with Mr. Bacon

Two cutie-pies in one photo? Our hearts are melting! 

19. Halloween is a Family Activity

Scarlet shares her second Halloween costume as Wonder Woman and posed with her mom. She shared how much she loved being mentored by her mom on how “to live with honor and love with compassion.”

20. Scarlet meets Louis Vuitton

Scarlet loooves animals, even scary ones like this python named Louis Vuitton! Listen to her pronounce his name perfectly with that French nasal accent. 

What’s your favorite Scarlet Snow Belo moment? If you’d like this little ray of sunshine in your feed, follow her adventures on Instagram @scarletsnowbelo.

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