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6 Non-Surgical “Tweakments” to Help Define your Facial Features

By Ysabel Vitangcol on May 30, 2020

We’re sure you’ve heard of the saying, “Small changes, big results.” This is what non-surgical ‘tweakments’ can do for you. What is a ‘tweakment,’ anyway? Well, it refers to small, non-invasive procedures that result in a natural and improved look. If you’re still on the fence about getting a rhinoplasty or a facelift, you can test the waters with these nonpermanent solutions. There are several non-surgical options  you can try, especially now that our Greenhills and Davao clinics are finally open to serve you! Here’s our Top 6 at Belo:

1. SkinGenius/Vivace

You’ve seen videos of these treatments on our social media accounts. Celebrities like Iza Calzado, Jinkee Pacquiao, Isabelle Daza, Georgina Wilson, and Camille Co (just to name a few) looove it. It’s one of our most in-demand machines to date. Why? Dr. Belo describes it as a combination of Thermage and Ulthera. It addresses skin laxity by lifting and tightening the skin. It reduces double chin and improves the appearance of sagging cheeks. It helps open up the eyes as well as make the face smaller. It’s really your best non-surgical ‘tweakment’ to define your facial features, because it goes beyond a face lift—it also helps improve your skin texture.

2. Nose Threads

Gone are the days when you have to wait weeks to see the results of a nose job or rhinoplasty. These days, getting a new nose can be done during your lunch break. Yes, you read that right. The Belo Nose Threads is a simple procedure that takes only about an hour. It’s painless and has no downtime. After the tweakment, you can go back to your normal life as if nothing happened. The only difference is, now you have a nicer bridge and an improved facial profile. Just check out those results!

3. Combination Tweakments: Threads, Fillers, and BioNutriGlow

ECQ got you stressed out? We highly suggest that you try a combination of tweakments when things get back to normal. The combination of threads, fillers, and BioNutriGlow will definitely bring back your glow and make you look fresher than ever. The Belo Korean Threads will help lift your skin, our fillers will help address volume loss on your face, and BioNutriGlow will open up your eyes and improve the appearance of dark circles. Check out Jennylyn Mercado’s results after this combination tweakment!

4. Botox

Ahhh, everyone’s go-to tweakment. After all, it makes fine lines and wrinkles disappear in a day! Who doesn’t want that, right? Belo Botox helps improve the appearance of worry lines, laugh lines, and crow’s feet in the most natural way. No frozen faces! It’s painless and has no downtime. We dare you to try it.

5. Chin Fillers

If you’re a fan of Korean dramas, you’ve noticed that a V-shaped face is all the rage. Which is why another popular tweakment at Belo is Chin Fillers. By adding some volume to the chin, we are able to define and shape that area to make the face look V-shaped. This gives the illusion of a slimmer, more feminine, and more youthful face. This tweakment is also best if you want to get rid of your double chin. Check out Sue Ramirez’ results!

6. Lip Fillers

Whether you want them full or just with a little bit of volume, Belo can give you the lips you’ve always wanted with our Lip Fillers. The best part? It makes the lips more pinkish because fillers draw in water and make the lips look naturally pink! Also, this tweakment is painless and only takes 30 minutes to do…which means you can have plump, more kissable lips in no time. Check it out!

Now that our Greenhills and Davao clinics are open again, which non-surgical tweakment will you try first? If you’re not sure which one you need the most, go ahead and consult with our doctors! We’re currently offering free Live Consultations to address your skin and beauty issues. Just email, and we’ll connect you with one of our doctors.

Excited for your tweakments! Have a Belo Beautiful day, Belo Babies!

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