Do’s and Don’ts After Liposuction Treatment

By Belo Medical Group on August 8, 2018

After liposuction doesn’t mean your work here is done; you still have to watch your diet, exercise regularly, and even take a break from some of your daily habits in order to recover quickly. For you to get that body goals in order, here are some reminders that you should keep in mind.

Do’s After Liposuction Treatment

  • Do visit the doctor for follow-up check-ups. This is important after the surgery to ensure that your recovery is going well.
  • Do maintain a gentle activity. Give your body time to rest and recuperate, but it is also encouraged that you walk around (even if you’re just inside the house) to help drain body fluid.
  • Do wear your compression garments. This will make healing faster as it helps tighten skin in areas where fat cells used to be.

Don’ts After Liposuction Treatment

  • Don’t do any strenuous activities. It may take at least several weeks before you can lift heavy objects or bend over. To be sure, consult with your doctor.
  • Don’t expect to look thinner after getting a lipo. Keep in mind that it takes a few weeks or a few months until you can see final results.
  • Don’t smoke or drink during the recovery process. It slows the rate of your body healing and can increase the risks of complications.
  • Don’t take pain relievers. Aspirins, anti-inflammatories, and other herbal medicines can slow blood clotting and increase the risks of bleeding. Additionally, it decreases your body’s immune system, which can affect your recovery period.

To learn more about liposuction and how it can help you achieve your body goals, click here to schedule a consultation or call 819-BELO.

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