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9 Belo Babies Who Have Tried (and Love!) Virtue RF

By Ysabel Vitangcol on September 29, 2023

As one of the top microneedling treatments today, Virtue RF serves multiple purposes. For one, it helps improving one’s skin texture. From rejuvenation to tightening, this fractional microneedling treatment contains radiofrequency (RF). Here are more reasons why you should try it too!

Vice Ganda

The unkabogable Belo baby loves a treatment that is “magandang mabilisan” because she doesn’t have the luxury of time. “Gusto ko, [after the session,] kita ko na kaagad ‘yung effectLahat ng kailangan ko [in terms of beauty], sa mabilis na amount of time, napo-provide sa akin ng Virtue RF,” she recently shared.

Ivana Alawi

Using Virtue’s Deep RF handpiece*, this helps deliver powerful energy at the correct depth for fat-melting and facial/body contouring. Just look Ivana Alawi’s results after one session, which is set to improve in the next 30-90 days!

***There are three Virtue RF handpieces to choose from, depending on the doctor’s recommendation

Coleen Garcia-Crawford

Coleen Garcia-Crawford

Coleen wanted to target the stretch marks and loose skin on her stomach. This is why the proud mom, fitness enthusiast and actress gave Virtue RF a try. Virtue RF has radio frequency which helps in skin tightening and contouring.

Mond Gutierrez

Mond Gutierrez

Creative director Mond Gutierrez considers Virtue RF as one of his go-to treatments for skin tightening before big occassions. He shared this with us just recently at the Vogue 365 Gala!

Bianca Umali

Bianca Umali

Actress Bianca Umali came to Belo to try Virtue RF for the first time. The downtime is so minimal, she went straight to work afterwards!

Bryan Boy

Global icon Bryan Boy always finds himself ‘back home’ in Belo whenever he’s in town, doing Virtue RF. “Do I want to look my best? I’m 41, I wanna make sure that I’m lifted and tight where it need it to be!”

Derek Ramsay

Derek Ramsay

“The results are instant and I can see the glow,” shared Derek Ramsey. His Virtue RF session done by no other than Dr. Belo herself!

Ruffa Gutierrez

Virtue RF is best paired with ASCE+ Exosomes! This helps triple the production of collagen, greatly helpful for skin healing and regeneration. Belo baby Ruffa Gutierrez just loves the results!

Ella Pangilinan

Ella Pangilinan

In preparation for her upcoming wedding, Belo baby Ella tried Virtue RF to give that lift! Virtue RF also helps in smoothening skin texture, so you’ll be sure to get that bridal glow during the big day!

Belo Virtue RF starts at ₱22,000 per session. Call 8819-BELO (2356) or click here to book a consultation

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