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Of Vice and Virtue

Vice Ganda for Belo Virtue RF

Together with multimedia star Vice Ganda, Belo Medical Group invites you to experience the Virtue RF Revolution.

“Two powers combined into one machine”. This is how Dr. Guada Santos-Capiz—the Senior Managing Physician of Belo Greenhills for 20 years—describes Virtue RF. While the market offers an overwhelming variety of skin treatment choices, Virtue RF is different. It combines microneedling and RF for skin rejuvenation and tightening all in one procedure. That said, Virtue RF surpasses the capabilities of other machines in the field, who offer only one or the other of Virtue’s combined treatments. 

Virtue RF offers a multitude of immediate results. Examples include alleviating wrinkles and fine lines, skin tightening, minimizing pore size, and improving skin tone and texture with minimal downtime. The machine owes this to its ability in stimulating collagen within the skin without the need for surgery. This helps improve firmness and elasticity—a key factor in youthful-looking skin.

Vice Ganda for Belo Virtue RF

There is an understanding that there is no one-size fits all in skincare. Virtue RF is poised to perform targeted radiofrequency, delivering radiofrequency energy to the desired depths of the skin. With the production of collagen happening all the way down the cellular level, the treatment isn’t a fast-fading temporary solution. Instead, it’s a long-lasting one!

More than the depth of its effects, Virtue RF’s comfort level makes it a shoo-in for any pain tolerance level, and offers virtually no skin tearing. It owes this all to the machine’s cutting-edge ability to drive microneedles into the skin. It does so in such an exact manner that it creates no tearing or trauma.

Let Virtue RF further introduce itself to you by way of Belo’s chosen face to represent the procedure: multimedia phenom Vice Ganda, a beloved icon known for her confidence, success and ever-youthful zest for life. 

Vice Ganda for Belo Virtue RF

Lahat tayo nag-a- aspire to become a better version of ourselves. It becomes possible with the help of Belo,” shares Vice Ganda, who has been a Belo baby since her early years on TV. As the main host of one of the most successful shows in Philippine entertainment history—a role she’s had for almost 14 years and counting—blockbuster movies, commercial endorsements, and off-camera responsibilitues as daughter, aunt and wife, even a phenom like Vice Ganda admits that even she doesn’t always have time for beauty. 

“My Virtue RF experience [has been] so easy. Ang kailangan ko talaga ay gandang mabilisan. Kita ko na kaagad ‘yung effect, because I don’t have the luxury of time,” Vice shares. “Gusto ko, [after the session,] kita ko na kaagad ‘yung effect. Lahat ng kailangan ko [in terms of beauty], sa mabilis na amount of time, napo-provide sa akin ng Virtue RF.”

Like many celebrities, Vice has been a Virtue RF user since Belo first introduced the breakthrough machine in the Philippines. Like Vice, Belo hopes to reach out to more like-minded seekers of quality treatments to consider Virtue RF as a revolutionary way to value their skin.

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