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What Is Virtue RF, and Why it’s the Top Microneedling Treatment today

By Ysabel Vitangcol on September 22, 2023

Virtue RF is a revolutionary skincare treatment that has gained significant popularity in recent years for its ability to rejuvenate and improve the appearance of the skin. We sat down with Belo Medical Group’s Senior Managing Physician Dr.  Guada Santos Capiz to tell us more about it.

What is Virtue RF?

Dr. Santos-Capiz: Virtue RF is a machine that contains two things – it has fractional microneedling and it has radiofrequency (RF). This machine combines two powerful lasers.

It targets a variety of issues that includes skin laxity, recurring acne, pigmentation, contouring and tightening, and others. It uses four differentiated technologies. First is the Integrated Energy Control System, where your doctor adjusts the surface area of the procedure: from a large area with low density to a narrow area with high density. Second, we have the Advanced Cooling System, which regulates the temperature of the cooling plate, making it a more comfortable experience for the patient. We also have the Integrated Pulsed Radiofrequency System that delivers energy to deeper areas. Lastly, the Minimum Depth Control System enables us to make the most precise depth customizations, depending on the issues we want to target.

Is Virtue RF painful?

Dr. Santos-Capiz: Microneedling causes a little bit of pain because you have 36 insulated needles that penetrate the skin. RF is released once it enters the skin. However, we apply cream anesthetic (also known as emla).We wait for around 30-45 minutes to sit – and that’s when we do the procedure. So most of the time it’s very tolerable. My patients are comfortable enough to tell stories when we’re doing the treatment. Overall, pain-wise, very tolerable.

How long is the overall Virtue RF treatment?

Dr. Santos-Capiz: First you prepare the patient: you take the ‘Before” photos and ask them to sign a consent form. This is followed by applying the cream anesthetic and letting it sit for about an hour. The procedure itself is about 30 minutes, but depends on the patient and their concerns. Aftercare is around 5 minutes, so all in all, 1.5 – 2 hours.

How long until you see the results of Virtue RF?

Dr. Santos-Capiz: Initially after the procedure, there’s tightening because of the heat of the laser. So when RF comes into the skin, there’s tightening already. Collagen will grow in the next 30-90 days. Patients usually see the best results after three months.

What’s the ideal number of sessions to do Virtue RF?

Dr. Santos-Capiz: I usually recommend about 3-6 sessions. We can do your first three sessions monthly, and then the next 4-6 sessions every quarter. This will still depend on your doctor’s recommendation, as well as your skin concerns.

Can you walk us through the Virtue RF treatment?

Dr. Santos-Capiz: The hand piece has 36 insulated needles. It has a cooling plate on top, that’s what you use for the skin. You will see some redness – that’s when you know that the RF is entering the machine. After the procedure, there’s a bit of swelling, but that’s normal and it subsides. 

You can equip Virtue RF with three different hand pieces that target various skin types and indications. We offer the Smart RF that minimises tissue damage, making it perfect for skin resurfacing and pigment control; the Deep RF delivers powerful energy at the apt depth, ideal for fat melting and contouring, and the Exact RF that allows for precise delivery towards smaller but trickier areas (i.e., spots where pimples always appear).

Can you pair Virtue RF with other Belo treatments?

 Dr. Santos-Capiz: Combine Virtue RF with ASCE+ Exosomes for the best results. We encourage our patients to apply ASCE+ Exosomes afterward because they are already in the middle layer of the skin, making it easier for them to absorb ASCE+ Exosomes effectively.

Why should I try Virtue RF?

Dr. Santos-Capiz: Virtue RF is such a beautiful sophisticated machine because it contains fractional microneedling AND radiofrequency. The downtime and pain is very manageable. Other microneedling machines will give you long downtime or side effects such as post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation. Overall,it’s a better machine with less downtime and better tolerability.

Belo Virtue RF starts at ₱22,000 per session. Call 8819-BELO (2356) or click here to book a consultation!

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