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Dr. Jetty Magallona of Belo BGC Shares Her Skincare Routine

By Ysabel Vitangcol on April 20, 2020

If you’ve ever been to our flagship clinic at the second floor of One Bonifacio High Street, chances are you’ve crossed paths—or have even consulted with!—Dr. Jetty Magallona, Managing Physician of our BGC branch. Her endearing and kindhearted personality makes her the favorite of many patients, even celebrities like Alex Gonzaga. Now that we’re under quarantine, however, more and more Filipinos are zeroing in on their at-home skincare routines (since in-clinic treatments won’t be possible for now). And who better to take notes from than the same experts who examine and treat your skin at our clinics?

Last March 26, we launched #BareFaceByBelo, an Instagram mini-series featuring none other than our Belo doctors and the products that keep their skin healthy and fresh during this quarantine period. Dr. Jetty was the first to share her routine in the video below:

Name: Jetty Magallona 
Age: 43
Occupation: Managing Physician 
Branch: One Bonifacio High Street flagship clinic
Skin Type: Normal 

Dr. Jetty likes to keep her skincare routine simple. She starts off with the ZO Exfoliating Cleanser to cleanse debris, oil, and makeup. Then, on her oilier days, she’ll follow up with ZO Oil Control Pads. Otherwise, she sticks to her usual Belo Prescriptives Acne Astringent, which contains clindamycin (great for killing acne-causing bacteria). In the morning, she finishes off with the Belo SunExpert Face Cover SPF 40 PA++++. At night, her last step is the ZO Firming Serum to improve elasticity and reduce skin laxity. 

(You’ll find most of these products at the Belo Shop!)

When did you start this skincare routine? What skin issues did you have then?

My skincare routine started when I turned 30…I actually don’t have skin issues other than very few comedones from time to time, and I am also concerned with anti-aging.

What’s your favorite product from this routine and why?

My favorite is the ZO Firming Serum. It’s really effective [for anti-aging]. Firm, tight, [and] better contour.

Why is it important to have a skincare routine that is curated for your skin?

It is very important because you use it everyday, and whatever you use daily will impact the state of your skin let’s say 2-3 months from now. It’s like [with] food—you are what you eat. For the skin, your skin care dictates how your skin will look in the future. So you should really take care of your skin.

Dr. Jetty’s routine is perfect for those with oily skin and are concerned with fending off the first signs of aging, but we still recommend that you speak with one of our doctors before committing to a skincare routine.

Stay tuned as we feature more of our doctors…and the products keeping them Belo Beautiful! Book a consultation with one of our doctors today!

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