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Everything Alodia Gosiengfiao Did on Her Belo Day

By Ysabel Vitangcol on December 20, 2020

Alodia Gosiengfiao has been a Belo Baby for a decade! She’s been coming to Dr. Vicki Belo ever since her early years, when she would be bothered by oiliness and constant breakouts. Now that she’s 32, she’s outgrown the acne, but she still comes to the clinic for regular tuneups…and chats with Dr. Belo. During her last visit, she even made time to chill at the BGC flagship clinic’s massive balcony lounge chair:

Alodia’s been vocal about her love and admiration for Dr. Belo. “If there is one person I truly idolize, it would be [her],” she said in an Instagram post last November 26. “I always look forward to visiting Belo because her whole aura inspires me. She’s really humble despite the empire she’s built! And yes, her sense of humor brightens up my day [too]!” Here’s everything she did during her Belo Day.

  1. Botox

“My kilay pala is not pantay. Ngayon ko lang napansin, ‘cause my bangs are always like that. Pagtingin ko, ‘Ay, mas mababa ‘to,’” Alodia noticed. Dr. Belo opted for Botox to line up her right eyebrow with her left eyebrow. 

  1. Cheek, chin, and lip fillers

“Then I also realized my lips [are] not pantay. My angle kasi is left. And pag sa right, parang di siya pantay. I just fix it with lipstick,” she continued. The answer? Lip fillers, of course! “Her lip here is lacking. So now, we will build the vermillion border here, and we will put filler on the lip so that it will extend,” said Dr. Belo.

Cheek fillers were used to make her face more angular and defined, allowing her to look more symmetrical as a result. “We put some chin filler to give her a little more projection and a little more length,” Dr. Belo explained. The goal is to give Alodia a more diamond-shaped face; according to Dr. Belo, the two ideal face shapes are oval and diamond. 

  1. Nose Threadlift

We gotta hand it to Alodia—she divulged something many influencers and cosplayers don’t admit. Sometimes, she still uses Photoshop to make her face look more like that of an animé character. Now, after her treatments, she says she won’t need to do that anymore! Embedded protein threads were used on her nose to give it more structure. “You can see her nose is much better: higher bridge, more pointy,” said Dr. Belo.

Asked whether or not she felt any pain, Alodia said it was minimal! She said all it felt like it was a “tuk!”, mimicking the sound of a bubble popping. Tolerable, at best! Of course, it all depends on your individual pain tolerance.

If you’d like to have your face sculpted and molded into the best version of itself, too, then head to none other than Belo! 

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