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Here’s What It’s Like to Get a Nose Thread Lift at Belo

By Ysabel Vitangcol on October 17, 2020

Words by Nicole Tajanlangit

Have you ever noticed how changing the shape of the nose can drastically change a person’s look? The thing is, I didn’t really wanna change my look—I just wanted to subtly enhance it. And after watching so many K-dramas over the quarantine period, I couldn’t help but admire the nose of Korean leading ladies like Son Ye-jin and Kwon Nara. Their tall nose bridges and cute noses were things I thought I could only dream of, as I was too scared of the downtime that comes with an actual nose job. So can you imagine how glad I was when I found about the Nose Threadlift at Belo? 

I made my appointment right away. And that same day, I was able to get the procedure done. Let me walk you through the process as someone who was completely clueless: I walked into the beautiful Belo BGC flagship clinic quite nervous, but the tropical spa-like interiors helped me relax. The doctor reassured me and explained the procedure to me in detail. I was sold when I learned that the threads that they would insert in my nose would eventually fully dissolve after 6 months, yet maintain the tallness and ‘pointiness’ for a few more months to a year after the procedure. In addition, the threads would even stimulate collagen production, and even provide nourishment to my skin. The benefits just kept adding up! There was really nothing to lose, yet so much to gain. 

After my nose area was sterilized, the doctor started injecting local anesthesia to my cheeks. Surprisingly, my nose area was numb right away. This was the only pain I felt during the procedure, and even that was minimal. For the rest of it, I was completely comfortable, and all I could feel was pressure on my nose. 

Next, the doctor inserted a thin cannula to help insert the threads better. Then, she inserted the threads one by one until we got the nose profile I desired. The procedure only took about 30 minutes. No wonder they call it a “lunchtime nose job”! It was so quick, and the results were instant. When I first saw my nose in the mirror, I couldn’t be happier. I still looked like myself —which was the best part—but I finally had a taller nose bridge, and an even more pointy tip. The doctor told me that it would continue to improve over time. She prescribed me topical and oral medicines to help speed up my recovery. Now that that part is covered, here’s what my recovery process was like.

The next day, my nose was a little swollen which is completely normal since my body was still adjusting to the threads. And then I went on with my day just like how I would on a regular day. My nose subsided after a week, and there was slight bruising which was easily covered with makeup. As an added bonus, I noticed my glasses wouldn’t fall to my cheeks anymore because of my taller nose bridge that supports my glasses better. I didn’t have to contour my nose anymore, because my nose had that naturally-contoured look, and that saved me a lot of time getting ready.

What did the people around me think when I had my nose thread lift? Amazingly, they didn’t even notice! They just noticed that I looked better, but they couldn’t quite put their finger on it. For anyone thinking of trying it yourself, I say go for it. 

To book your Nose Threadlift appointment, call 8819-BELO, or click here.

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