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Here Are All The Photos From Ivana’s Mermaid Facial Shoot!

By Ysabel Vitangcol on June 7, 2021

Ivana Alawi’s photos as a mythical undersea siren have set the Internet abuzz, prompting people to want to see all the photos from the iconic photo shoot. We hear you, and we want to take you into her world. Below, find all the photos from Ivana’s campaign photo shoot for the Belo Mermaid Facial.

Ivana Alawi Mermaid Facial 1

Ivana’s luminous skin is highlighted in this dreamy setting, as she is covered in pearls and staring straight into the camera.

Ivana Alawi Mermaid Facial 2

Care to dive into the cool water? With the hydrating Mermaid Facial, healthy and nourished skin is well within your reach.

Ivana Alawi Mermaid Facial 3

Ivana’s striking beauty makes her the ideal face for this treatment, which is suitable for dry or normal skin.

Ivana Alawi Mermaid Facial 4

The illusion of a mermaid tail lends this image an ethereal feel.

Ivana Alawi Mermaid Facial 5

“I’m very, very excited, because I’ve heard so many good things about this. Sometimes, my skin gets too dry, so I want more hydrated, more glowing, and fresher skin.” — Ivana Alawi

Ivana Alawi Mermaid Facial 6

Join Ivana as she tries the Belo Mermaid Facial for the first time by clicking here (YouTube).

Photography BJ Pascual

Makeup Mickey See

Hair Raymond Santiago

Styling Adrianne Concepcion

Mermaids thrive based on their proximity to a body of water, just as your skin will thrive when it’s beautifully and thoroughly hydrated. Now, it’s your turn. Click here to book your Belo Mermaid Facial for P7500 (with cleaning) or P7000 (without cleaning).

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