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How to Pose for Bikini Photos, According to Ivana Alawi

By Ysabel Vitangcol on April 4, 2021

It’s swimsuit season again, and it’s your chance to whip out those cute bikinis and flaunt your curves. If there’s one IG feed that shows us how we can best take Instagrammable bikini photos, it’s Ivana Alawi’s. That’s because she has an arsenal of poses that not just show off her body, but also her amazing swimsuit collection. We’re taking our cue from the model and YouTuber so you can slay your IG bikini pics, too. 

1. Push against the frame ala-Samson.

Sometimes, it’s the simplest of poses that can best display a swimsuit, just like this one Ivana’s wearing. Position yourself in a door frame and push against the sides just like Samson (Samson and Delilah) pushing against pillars, and position your body so that it faces the camera straight. This no-nonsense pose draws the viewer’s attention to your smile, the swimsuit, your figure, and those sexy arms, too!

2. Lean on something and look over your shoulder.

This pose requires some props that you can easily incorporate in your photos. Start by leaning on an object like the back of a chair that isn’t too wobbly, and then extend your lower body outward. The camera should be shot from your right side, and then turn your face to the camera that way. This is a great way to highlight a string bikini, your shoulders, and your bum, too!

3. Do a mirror selfie and look at your reflection.

Mirror selfies come in handy so you can check out your pose at every angle before taking a picture. From your hair, accessories, makeup, your phone, the vanity area, to the swimsuit itself, it’s a great way to make sure each element gets enough exposure. Lean back on the sink counter on one arm, pivot your body a bit so that you’re looking at your reflection in the mirror, then snap that photo.

4. Sit on the edge of a chair.

Obviously, this is not how you should realistically sit on a chair, but by positioning your legs sideways, you’re not just emphasizing your hips, but also elongating your body. The way one side of your pelvis is tilted upwards also makes you look more voluptuous, too. Pretend to check something on your phone for that nonchalant look.

5. Wade out of the beach or pool.

A bikini pic wouldn’t be complete without an actual photo of it being worn in water. Now, with the lockdowns and all, you don’t literally have to have an actual waterfall in the background like Ivana in this photo—your backyard pool or condo pool is perfect. Just look like you’re casually wading out of the pool, look down with one of your hands keeping your hair in place, and showcase your surroundings for context. It’s a timid kind of pose, but one that still screams sexy and confident.

Which among these have you tried? Tag us in your bikini pics! We’re @belobeauty on Instagram.

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