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I Tried Dr. Belo’s Favorite Illuminating Soap—And Loved It

By admin on October 26, 2020

Words by Andrea Lim

I started being a Belo patient during the 6th grade because of my acne (big thanks to my mom for bringing me!). 14 years later post-puberty, Belo is still my go-to clinic when it comes to taking care of my skin.

After dealing with my acne, I started addressing acne marks and dark spots. I did Spanish Peel, Angel Whitening Laser, supplemented with take-home ZO® products—not realizing that I focused too much on my face, it became fairer compared to my neck and body

Andrea Lim

I started doing Revlite for my body earlier this year, but we all know how the pandemic got all of us house-arrested. So  I couldn’t be any happier when I saw this post from Dr. Vicki Belo:

This was when she introduced her newest at-home full body whitening kit, which she obviously uses and loves. It’s one thing when you hear THE Dr. Belo rave about a product, and it’s another when you see how effective it is (look at how even skin toned she is all over on that video!) All I could think of after watching her video is: Okay. I. Want. That.

Now that I’m indoors most of the time and don’t get too much sunlight exposure, I thought this is the best time to try out the Belo Illuminating System. I love how simple this two-step system is. After a week of using the Belo Illuminating Soap, my skin started micro-peeling, which for me is a good sign because the exfoliation preps my skin and allows better absorption of the illuminating cream’s benefits. Both the soap and cream smell good—I just mixed my favorite body oil on the cream for added moisture and scent.

I also love that this kit is very affordable—I feel like I’m having Revlite at home, for only P3,900! After a month of using it, I noticed how my overall skin tone improved and I actually started getting compliments that I look fairer. Yay! I’m glad that this kit helped me even out my skin tone during this quarantine season. My skin’s best friend during the lockdown, indeed!

Andrea Lim Before and After using Illuminating System

Click here to purchase the Belo Illuminating System.

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