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Give Dad These Hero-Worthy Treatments at 20% OFF

By Ysabel Vitangcol on June 17, 2020

Our dads don’t get nearly enough of the credit they deserve. As the head of the family and one of its breadwinners, fathers are entitled to relaxation just as much as our moms are! And that doesn’t always mean kicking their feet up and putting the game on (though we know how much they love that). Belo treatments are for men, too, and since men’s skin is known to be oilier and thicker, with larger pores, that extra TLC for Dad will go a long way.

This Father’s Day, give your dad the gift of total skin rejuvenation as we offer 20% OFF on selected treatments both at The Belo Shop and at our clinics! If you’re not sure which one he would like, why not base it on who he’s a fan of? Here are four of the most beloved #BeloDads and their go-to treatments…which we’re sure your dad will love, too.

If he’s a fan of: Mayor Isko Moreno
Then he’ll love: Thermage FLX


Despite his schedule, Mayor Isko never fails to make time for his five children: Frances, Joaquin, Vincent, Drake, and Franco. And just like his decisive, Manila-first spirit, Belo Thermage FLX delivers results that you can trust. Halfway into the session, your dad can hold up a mirror and immediately notice the lifting effects on his skin! This is definitely great for dads who have jowling skin or droopy cheeks. Follow Yorme’s lead and get your dad the chiseled jawline he hasn’t enjoyed since his 30s. Peace, Dad!

If he’s a fan of: Piolo Pascual
Then he’ll love: Skin Reboot

Piolo has always been hands-on with his son, Inigo Pascual, whose star continues to rise both locally and internationally. He attributes his success largely to the support of his father. Just as ‘supportive’? This affordable alternative to Thermage, Skin Reboot, which uses RF and microcurrent to address sagging and loose skin. 

If he’s a fan of: Doc Hayden Kho
Then he’ll love: Belo HairTechMD with Theradome

We have bore witness to Doc Hayden’s stunning journey of redemption. Through his relationship with God, he has changed his life dramatically and become a loving and dedicated father to Scarlet Snow Belo. Your dad’s thinning or even balding hair can undergo its own ‘redemption journey’ with the miracle worker that is Belo HairTechMD, a three-month program that improves hair volume, thickness, and density. It also comes with a Theradome, a laser helmet to promote hair growth! 

If he’s a fan of: Derek Ramsay
Then he’ll love: SkinGenius Face and Neck

As Filipinos, many of us know what it’s like to have a long-distance relationship with our dads. Derek might not always get to spend time with his son Austin, who lives in Dubai, but when they’re together, he makes sure to give him care, love, and quality time. SkinGenius is a similarly dedicated treatment as it dramatically addresses skin laxity and skin texture issues. If your dad’s complaining about dark spots or rough skin texture along with loose skin, then this is the perfect solution.

Bookmark your calendars for Friday, book your dad the treatment that suits him best, and give him the gift of the Belo Experience. We are excited to help you make Dad’s day! 

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