What to Expect During Your Thermage Treatment

By Belo Medical Group on June 1, 2020

It’s the instant face-sculpting treatment favored by the likes of Anne Curtis, Vice Ganda, Korina Sanchez, and Mayor Isko Moreno. And we’re sure you’ve encountered videos of our Thermage treatments on our social media accounts. The before-and-after results don’t lie; immediate results can be expected right after your treatment!

Now that ECQ has ended and we’re slowly but surely opening our doors, you might be thinking about springing for a Thermage FLX treatment. But as with all first-timers, you must have a ton of questions: what to expect, will there be pain, is there downtime, and more. We’re here to help! All you have to do is read on.

Are Thermage results permanent?

After your Thermage FLX treatment (which should last no longer than 45 minutes to an hour—it’s called a “lunchtime facelift” after all), you’ll immediately see that your face has slimmed down. It helps to take a photo right before your treatment so you can appreciate your results better. As the months pass, your results will become more and more evident! Optimal results, however, are seen within one to three months. Depending on your age and state of skin laxity, you won’t need to come back for another session for 12-18 months. So while the results aren’t permanent, you can enjoy them for quite a long time!

Which is better, Thermage or Ulthera?

Both procedures are perfect for addressing loose, sagging skin. However, Ulthera’s technology is microfocused ultrasound-based and contracts collagen and elastin by about 30%. Meanwhile, Thermage uses radiofrequency, with bulk heating to also stimulate collagen production. With both treatments, you can expect a certain level of discomfort or even pain, depending on your tolerance. The downtime is also similar, with just some swelling that wears off in a day or two. Their results also last for about the same time. It’s best to consult with one of our MDs to see which one is right for you. Luckily, our Greenhills and Davao clinics are open to serve you now!

Where to Get Your Thermage Treatment

Trust no one other than Belo Medical Group to give you the Thermage FLX treatment you truly deserve. While other clinics may have the same machine available, our specialized protocol allows us to target the areas you need the treatment most. Our doctors and staff are also more than happy to address any post-treatment concerns for you. You only have one face—trust only the experts to take care of it for you.

To book your Thermage FLX appointment, just email info@belomed.com, or head here to view our list of clinic contact numbers so you can directly get in touch with your preferred branch. We hope to see you soon!

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