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The What, How, And Solutions to Jowling Skin

By admin on August 30, 2019

Aside from wrinkles and age spots, sagging jowls also make one look and feel older. Sagging cheeks and jaw occur due to the loss of elasticity, and with gravity pulling down and affecting the shape of the skin since there’s less protein to keep the skin firm. Here are Belo some treatments to tighten the skin in this area and bring back your youthful looking skin.

Aging is a natural occurrence. In fact, it can be a beautiful experience. However, the signs of aging on your physical appearance can be a bit brutal. Take, for example, jowling skin. 

What Does Jowling Skin Mean? 

As you grow older, you produce less collagen and elastin. These two proteins are the reason why youthful skin is characterized by smooth and plump appearance. Without the support of collagen and elastin, skin droops. This is how you get jowling skin that’s common on your cheeks and chin. 

Environmental and lifestyle choices also contribute to jowling skin. Quick weight loss on your face makes your skin looser. Your habits also affect your skin: sun damage and exposure along with smoking break down the collagen in your body. Hence, your jowling skin might be more pronounced among your peers. 

How Can I Reverse It? 

Alternately, living a healthy lifestyle such as avoiding smoking and limiting sun exposure can help maintain the collagen in your skin longer. 

Still, age and genetics will catch up. As we get older, the less collagen we produce. This is where the magic of cosmetic procedures can help you out. 

Facelifts and facials

In the early days of cosmetic surgery, liposuction and knife-based facelifts were the only solutions to jowling skin. Fat is removed from your chin via liposuction, and the surgeon can reshape your face. 

These days, more non surgical facelifts are common. Ulthera, a new non-invasive cosmetic procedure, is one of the pioneering ways to sharpen your jawline and tighten the skin. Recently, Alden Richards shared his story of how Ulthera painlessly defined his jawline and cheeks to perfect that movie star look

Contouring facial is also an option to prevent jowling skin before you advance in age. At Belo Medical Group, acupressure, lymphatic drainage, and muscle stimulation are combined to create the V-shape for your face

Thermage FLX can also address droopy skin. It tightens the tissue with no downtime and gives your face that lift it needs. 

Thermlift is also an option not to just tighten the face but to encourage collagen production. With the increase in collage via radiofrequency, your skin can find structure again. 

No More Sad Face

Jowling skin instantly gives away your age. It can also affect your facial expressions, affecting your confidence. But this is not something you can do nothing about. There are various ways to prevent and even reverse jowling skin. All you have to do after choosing which one is for you is to smile!

Replace jowling skin with tight and youthful features with Belo. Call 819-BELO (2356) or click here to book an appointment and find which treatment you need.

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