Which is the Right Treatment for Loose Skin?

Sofwave™, Ulthera & Thermage FLX: Which Treatment Is Right for You?

By Ysabel Vitangcol on May 22, 2023

As we age, sagging or loose skin becomes a problem. Some of the popular picks among our patients for addressing skin tightening are Sofwave™, Ulthera and Thermage FLX. Let’s explore the key differences, benefits, and drawbacks of these treatments!

Kiana Valenciano doing Belo Ulthera

Procedure Type

Some of the most popular treatments in Belo Medical Group for skin tightening and lifting are non-invasive procedures. These are – Sofwave™, Ultherapy (also known as Ulthera) & Thermage FLX. Due to the intensity of the energy or technology used, topical numbing cream applications are optional. Worry not – the discomfort is mild and tolerable. 

Since this is an out-patient treatment, the length of the session goes as long as much as 1½ – 2 hours. Approximately 45 minutes is dedicated to applying and setting the topical anesthesia. The remaining time goes to the actual procedure itself.

Rei Germar doing Thermage FLX

Technology used

All three treatments use similar but also different technologies. 

Thermage FLX, the most advanced of the three, uses radio frequency (RF) and Comfort Pulse Technology™. The latter is a more modern delivery method of radio frequency. This contains cooling bursts that are synonymous with those used for relieving joint muscle or labour pains. Simply put, this aims to improve the patient’s comfort whilst their Thermage FLX experience.

Sofwave™ uses “SUPERB™” (Synchronous Ultrasound Parallel Beam Technology). This stimulates collagen production and improves skin elasticity, also designed to minimize downtime and optimize patient comfort. This is a cutting-edge treatment that works by delivering low energy waves to targeted areas of the face and neck. This is targeted to the dermis, the layer of the skin that plays a vital role in tissue tightening.

Similar to Sofwave™, Ulthera uses ultrasound energy. For Ulthera, it specifially uses microfocused ultrasound with visualization (MFU-V). This is another recently developed technology that helps in lifting the skin and improving its laxity.

BJ Pascual doing Sofwave™

Penetration & Results

All treatments have their distinguished ‘intensities’, and results may vary depending on the patient’s age and severity of skin laxity. This is why we always recommend a consultation with one of our Belo doctors in order for them to recommend what procedure best suits the patient’s needs.

Because Ulthera causes facial muscles to contract and shrink, it penetrates the deepest among the three treatments onto the skin. This results in mild redness and even soreness that can last from 3-7 days. Results can last in as much as 18-24 months.

Meanwhile, Sofwave™ penetrates from shallow layers up to the middle, hitting the ideal spot for collagen and elastin production. These two components give the skin a smooth and youthful appearance. Results typically last approximately 6-9 months, though some of our Sofwave™ patients have seen results lasting about a year.

Thermage FLX employs what experts consider the “gold standard in tissue tightening.” This advanced heat technology penetrates the dermis and subcutaneous tissues (middle to deep layers), aiding in firming and collagen production. Patients observe results over the course of 10-12 months. The treatment targets the ‘triangle of youth’ portion of your face. This consists of high cheekbones, full cheeks, and a well-defined jawline, helping your skin prevent the reversal of that aging triangle

Thermage vs Sofwave vs Ulthera

What treatment should I do?

Sofwave™, Ulthera & Thermage FLX are all powerful skin-sculpting treatments that can help you restore your youthful radiance. Each treatment offers unique benefits, allowing you (and your doctor) to choose what best suits your specific concerns and desired outcomes. However, a trained Belo physician will still need to examine the patient’s skin condition. They will determine if they are a suitable candidate for either of the treatments, and then make a recommendation.

Treatment prices may vary, depending on the doctor’s recommendation. Call 8819-BELO (2356) or click here to book a consultation today!

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