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Knife Shy? Here Are Alternatives To Get That Facelift You’ve Always Wanted

By admin on August 29, 2019

You’re not the first person who’s a bit knife shy. You also won’t be the last. As the cosmetic industry progresses, we are perhaps in the golden age of the best nonsurgical facelift treatment out there. 

Each nonsurgical facelift offers results that consider your needs and goals. Different technologies are also used, all of which have the most optimum results. 

The Real Deal: Best Non Surgical Facelift Treatment

Still confused how each non surgical facelift works? Wondering which one would work best for your face? Here’s a breakdown of the different best non surgical facelift treatments at Belo Medical Group.

Thermage FLX 

When it comes to nonsurgical facelift treatments, Thermage FLX leads the pact. There’s nothing that compares to how it can do tissue tightening. This procedure uses a cutting edge device that delivers natural-looking facelifts without going under the knife. You can get Thermage for face, neck, eyelids, abdomen, thighs and the arms. 

Ulthera Prime

Another hero in non surgical facelift procedures, Ulthera gives instant results that only look better as time passes. This treatment uses High-Intensity Focused Ultrasound to lift the face and address skin sagging by tightening of collagen bundles and increasing the production of collagen and elastin. 

Firm Plus 

Firm Plus uses bipolar radio-frequency (RF) and infrared light (IR) energy to create a visible lift to the face. The RF and the IR light stimulate collagen growth deep beneath the skin instantly. Best for when you need that quick lift without any downtime.


Thermilift is unique among all the items on this list as it is the only non surgical facelift that uses radiofrequency probe inserted under the skin. This probe delivers controlled heat to tighten the skin and encourage collagen production. There’s a bit of downtime involved due to the swelling, but it’s worth it as it’s great to define jawlines and treat double chins.

Embedded Protein Threads

Embedded Protein Threads is a Korean innovation that uses needles with protein threads attached to them, to lift the skin and stimulate muscle contraction so that you get a natural facelift. The needles are inserted into different points of the face to lift, contour and treat visible signs of aging. The protein threads also encourage collagen and elastin production.

Energet Kinetic Facelift

Don’t want heat? Not a fan of needles? Energet Kinetic Facelift is for you as it uses a jet of mesotherapy cocktail to give you that facelift along with remodeling the skin and repairing scars. 

Call 819-BELO (2356) or click here and find out which of these non surgical facelift options are best for you. Book a consultation at a Belo Medical Group clinic near you now! 

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