The Best Skincare Remedies for Pregnant Women

The Best Belo Remedies For Pregnant Women

By Ysabel Vitangcol on October 16, 2023

What should you expect when you’re expecting? Many changes are bound to happen with a little one coming soon! Your skin is no exception to this. While this may be temporary, the changes may be overwhelming for a mom to be like yourself. Time to give the care you deserve, mama!

Skin care concern: Melasma

A common concern during pregnancy, melasma happens when brown patches appear on your skin. About 50-70% of women get it! Pregnancy increases skin sensitivity, making sun protection crucial. Never forget to apply this everyday, whether you’re resting at home or outside!

SPLURGE: ZO® Gel Sunscreen Broad-Spectrum SPF-50 | ZO® Sunscreen + Primer Broad-Spectrum SPF 30

SAVE: Belo Prescriptives Sunscreen Gel 20G | Belo Prescriptives Sun Protection Cream 20G  | Belo Prescriptives Tyrosinase Inhibitor 5% 10G

Skin care concern: oily skin and acne

When pregnant, hormone levels are increased such as androgens and progesterone. These are actually in charge of oil production in your skin.  Because more oil means more clogged pores, breakouts can occur. Worry not – we’ve got gentle options to take care of these!

SPLURGE: ZO® Gentle Cleanser | ZO® Complexion Clearing Masque (only available in-clinic) | Basic Facial | Neostrata Oily Skin Solution 100ML/Pore Clearing Solution

SAVE: Belo Prescriptives Glycolic Soap 10% 90G

Skin concern: skin tags

A common concern during pregnancy, many of these actually shrink and go away after giving birth. While they may be common during pregnancy, one of the main causes include weight gain and again, increased level of hormones. 

Your Belo physician may be able to recommend a treatment or other remedies for this, so book your consultation with us today!

Skin concern: Spider and Varicose Veins

Seeing the appearance of spider veins (small and red) or varicose veins (larger and blue)? The higher hormonal levels in pregnant women relaxes blood vessel walls and decreases valve function causes this. As a result, this increases the volume of blood in the body. 

Similar to skin tags, your Belo physician may be able to recommend a treatment or other remedies for this. These go away after childbirth, but if it doesn’t, feel free to book a consultation with us.

To sum things up…

Each pregnancy journey is different for every mama. Here’s a quick reference to skincare for those who are expecting or nursing! Make sure to always consult with your doctor first before trying out new products.

Book your consultation with a Belo doctor today! Call 8819-BELO or click here.

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