The Pros and Cons of Microneedling Treatments

By Steph Esguerra-Olarte for Belo Medical Group on April 19, 2021

With all the wonders that cosmetic procedures can do, it’s important to know how exactly each one works, what they do for the skin, and how to use them to achieve the most desirable results.

Many will swear by the positive effects of microneedling, which is known to produce more radiant, youthful-looking skin. It may seem intimidating to those who have not yet tried it, but seeing how it takes away years from the face will be enough to prove it’s worth experiencing the puncture of dozens of tiny needles.

Thinking of trying microneedling? Here are some of its pros and cons before you book an appointment.


It hits exactly where it’s needed.

Microneedling is already amazing on its own, but combine it with radiofrequency (RF) and your skin is in for some serious rejuvenation. That’s because Belo Vivace delivers high-intensity RF energy precisely where it’s needed. The process involves 36 microneedles to make tiny wounds on the skin so that it kicks into healing mode and produces collagen and elastin. The injuries also help products to be absorbed by the skin better and more effectively.

It softens fine lines and wrinkles.

Vivace is also anti-inflammatory, so expect to see significant reduction in facial redness afterwards. Right after the session, you will already be able to see the skin’s improved texture. Plus, your pores will shrink in size, making your face look even smoother. It also helps fade melasma or skin pigmentation, because it allows the skin to really absorb brightening products better so they can do their thing.

It’s virtually pain-free.

The thought of so many needles digging into the skin may give off the idea that it’s painful, but that’s where Belo’s Vivace makes the treatment ultra-bearable even for first-timers. Just like with any procedure, a topical anesthesia cream is first applied, so you don’t have to worry about feeling anything while the session is ongoing. 

It can target the eye area.

Yes, Vivace can also be done on the skin around the eyes—great news if you’ve got sagging or loose skin in that area, which typically happens with age. As we get older, the eyes start to look droopier. With Vivace, it can go up to the lashes and even the lower eyelid to tighten and lift this part, making you look well-rested and fresh. 

Your face will look slimmer.

Because of the tighter, more toned skin on your face, Vivace also produces a lifting and slimming effect, making your features more pronounced. 

Downtime is minimal.

If you’ve got an occasion coming up, you don’t need to fret if you also have a Vivace appointment before then. Regulars of this treatment like Jinkee Pacquiao, Derek Ramsay, Maine Mendoza, and Auntie Julie love how there’s little downtime with Vivace. Sessions typically last for an hour and the downtime is as little as a day (or less!), which means you can go right back to your daily routine right after—as if nothing happened! But one look in the mirror and you know it was all worth it.


Any skin care center can get their hands on a microneedling machine, but it takes board-certified aestheticians to do the job right. The procedure might do more harm than good if not done by those who have been trained to do them for a living.

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