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This Valentine’s Day, Master the Art of “Dating Yourself”

By Ysabel Vitangcol on February 12, 2021

Let’s face it: Valentine’s Day will always be marketed as a day to celebrate with someone. But that doesn’t mean that it’s the only way you can recognize the occasion. In the age of self-care, solo time can actually be an amazing thing, and not just on V-Day. 

According to Travis McNulty, a therapist based in Florida, there’s a big movement in younger generations towards defying traditional relationship labels and promoting individuality. He advises people to love their time alone. “Whether it’s eating out solo, going to a movie alone, reading books or volunteering on your own, your self-esteem grows when you consciously learn to love your own company.” 

Solitude can also do wonders for the mind and improve the quality of your relationships, says psychologist and author Sherrie Bourg Carter. Spending time alone—regardless if you have a special someone or not—shouldn’t be such a taboo thing. It gives you a chance to clear your mind, enhance your concentration, process your emotions better, and appreciate the people in your life more.

That being said, solo time is a great opportunity to have fun and get to know yourself better. Thinking of things to do alone on hearts day? Here, we list several ways you can master the art of “dating yourself.”

  1. Soak in a hot bubble bath.

Who needs a spa when you can come up with a similar luxurious experience at home? If you’ve got a tub, light some scented candles, prop up your bath caddy with a glass of champagne or wine, and play your favorite music. 

For ultimate relaxation, add a few cups of Epsom salts in the bathwater for. It’s supposed to help relieve stress and promote the quality of your sleep. If you’re feeling extra creative, concoct your own bath salts mix by adding dried flower petals and essential oils.

  1. Watch a movie.

Thank goodness for Netflix, especially these days with COVID. You literally have hundreds of great movies to choose from for that solo movie date fix. Whip up whatever you consider comfort food—popcorn, nachos, pasta, or even ice cream as you sit back, laugh (or cry) to your chosen flick.

  1. Eat out at a fancy restaurant.

With lockdowns having been eased and travel restrictions relaxed, you can finally make that reservation at that restaurant you’ve been dying to try or revisit for some time now. Dinner under the stars? Breakfast in Tagaytay? Let down your hair, slip into that dress, and swipe on that red lipstick. The choice is yours. Don’t forget to take cute photos for your IG!

  1. Sign up for a fun class.

Who says you need a date to learn a new activity or sport? All you actually need is a laptop, a Zoom account, and a stable Internet connection and an eager mind to get started. Ever wanted to learn how to do yoga, make soy candles, leather crafts, or pottery? There are dozens online for that next achievement worth unlocking.

With these solo date ideas, we hope you’ll be able to start enjoying alone time more, no matter what time it is of the year. The most important thing is to be able to carve time out for yourself to do whatever makes you happy—because you deserve it!

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