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Ulthera Vs. Thermage: Which One is Right For You?

By Ysabel Vitangcol on September 29, 2018

Ulthera vs. Thermage. When you want a tighter, more contoured, smaller-looking face, both Ulthera and Thermage come highly recommended by doctors such as Dr. March Babaran, an Aesthetic Physician and head of medical operations at the Belo Group. She states that the difference lies in the condition of your skin.

She explains, “Both are non-invasive procedures that address skin laxity, improve skin tone, and achieves tighter skin. I believe every patient will benefit from Ulthera, but if you have a fuller face and your skin is not so elastic anymore, you can go for Thermage instead.”

Ulthera Vs. Thermage

Dr. Babaran adds that Ulthera is a “microfocused ultrasound-based machine that makes your skin contract, so the targeted skin contours, lifts, and defines your face.”

That’s the primary difference between both procedures, because Thermage, while it also slims and tightens the face, it uses bulk heating that stimulates the collagen in your face. “Both will feel swelling and tenderness. Some patients describe it as feeling like they were slapped or have a toothache,” Dr. Babaran adds.

After Procedure Talk

The beauty with getting non-invasive procedures is the minimal downtime you’ll need to recover—you’ll just need an ice pack to address the mild swelling for a day or two. “Once the swelling goes down, you’ll see your baseline face.” Dr. Babaran adds. “After one to two months, you’ll see the collagen will build up, and you’ll see more visible effects.”

Both procedures, bearing in mind the patient’s skin condition; can last for a year up to 18 months. “Both procedures will last the same time, one won’t give you quicker results than the other. Although, I believe all patients will benefit from Ulthera, across all ages. Consult with your doctor which one is for you.”

To learn more whether Ulthera or Thermage is aligned with your body goals, click here to schedule a consultation or call 819-BELO (2356).

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