V-Contour Ultra: Learn About the New Contouring Treatment

7 Things You Need To Know About V-Contour Ultra

By Ysabel Vitangcol on October 9, 2023

Best for melting excess fats, get to know more about this treatment that has revolutionised body and face contouring!

1. It’s an improved version of Belo’s V-Contour

Launched in 2016, V-Contour Ultra is an improved version of its predecessor, thanks to its broader range of powerful ingredients, that helps break fat and boost energy to burn it.

2. It’s an injectable

Specialized micro-injections administer V-Contour Ultra. Patients may opt to have topical anaesthesia applied if they have low pain tolerance.

3. Treatment time is only 10-15 minutes

If a patient prefers to have topical anaesthesia applied, it will take about 30-45 minutes for the numbness to take effect. However, if you opt out, the entire V-Contour Ultra treatment will take 10-15 minutes tops – it’s really quick! It’s perfect for busy bees!

4. It can treat different body areas

V-Contour Ultra is versatile and can be applied to areas where stubborn fat deposits are present on the face, stomach, thighs, arms, and back.

5. It’s not just a fat reduction treatment

V-Contour Ultra offers more benefits beyond fat reduction! It can also address cellulite, improve skin texture, and blood circulation! All these effects will help give you an improved appearance overall.

6. It can be combined with other Belo treatments

We have other treatments that can also help achieve your goals. Additionally, ultrasound-based treatments such as iWave or Onda Coolwaves; as well as radiofrequency-based treatments like Exilis and Skin Reboot are some recommended ones by our doctors. However, we encourage not to do these in a single session or on the same day. That way, we can optimise and tailor outcomes. It will still all depend on the doctor’s recommendation, though!

7. Regular Exercise and Dieting help maximise your results

Patients can enjoy visible improvements for several months. Of course, exercising regularly and having a balanced diet can still go a long way in achieving your goals; however, V-Contour Ultra is one that can help speed that up and extend its longevity. Additionally, take note that the duration of the results also varies on individual factors and maintenance routines per patient.

Belo V-Contour Ultra starts at ₱27,000 per session. Book your consultation today by going to this link.

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