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Why Is It Important to Invest in a Home Air Purifier?

By Ysabel Vitangcol on April 27, 2020

Well over a year into the COVID-19 pandemic, we learned long ago that SARS-CoV-2 is not airborne, and that’s true— “No study has demonstrated actual clinical evidence of the airborne transmission of SARS-CoV-2,” according to a statement by Penn Medicine. The coronavirus spreads via particles, so you might be wondering about our title: how exactly can an air purifier help keep me and my family safe during this time? Read on, and we’ll explain everything.

Ever since we announced the beginning of our New Phase, New Face era, one thing we wanted for our patients was for them to breathe in beauty. That’s why we installed Intellipure air purifiers in all our clinics and have made them available for purchase at the Belo Shop. But what makes these air purifiers so special, anyway?

1. It’s 40 times more efficient than a HEPA filter.

This isn’t your regular air purifier—these medical-grade Intellipure air purifiers are 40x more efficient than HEPA filters in eliminating harmful viruses, fungi, molds, and bacteria, leaving nothing but fresh, pure, healthy air. According to the National Center for Biotechnology Information, the coronavirus is approximately 0.125 micron, but the Intellipure systems have been proven to capture particles as small as .007 micron in size.

2. It’s being used in COVID hospitals at Wuhan, China.

Because Intellipure air purifiers are the world’s most effective filter against the dangerous lung-penetrating ultrafine particles, including the coronavirus, there are units installed in several COVID hospitals in Wuhan, China (where the virus originated). Air Intellipure is also trusted by one of the world’s most luxurious corporations, Louis Vuitton-Moët Hennessy (LVMH).

3. They help prevent other respiratory complications.

Even if the current global pandemic weren’t happening, it’s important to take extra steps to keep your family safe from other respiratory diseases. With an Air Intellipure purifier at home, you can expect a substantial reduction in airborne microorganisms, dust, bacteria, and more, all of which can pose health risks to your family. “We tried [the Intellipure air purifier] for three days, and on the third day, [Scarlet Snow] had no more cold symptoms,” shared Dr. Hayden Kho in an interview with the Inquirer. “She wakes up without any signs of cold. The same goes for me, too. I wake up without the runny nose because of rhinitis.” The Belo family believes in Intellipure so much that every single room of every single Belo clinic is outfitted with this machine, and our clinics are now certified PURE Spaces. 

Remember, clean air is a must, especially during these difficult times. If you’d like to invest in the world’s most efficient air purifier, simply email or contact us at (0999) 885 7271. We’ll deliver your Intellipure unit in 7-10 working days or less.

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