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Why More Women Want to Try This Nonsurgical Chin-Sculpting Procedure

By Ysabel Vitangcol on September 27, 2020

Upon hearing the words “Botox” or “fillers,” many tend to run for the hills. We think of excessively injected, overly-done faces that look statuesque, and not in a good way! And that’s in no small part due to the many botched procedures that improperly trained doctors have performed, which then go viral on the Internet and imprint themselves in popular culture. The infamous scene from Christmas with the Kranks might even come to mind:

When done by expert doctors and with just the right amount, however, dermal fillers like Juvéderm Voluma can do wonders for sculpting the face and adding needed volume and youthfulness, particularly in the chin and jaw. If you’ve ever had that annoying “double chin effect”—where it looks like you have a double chin, but you actually don’t—then fillers can help. Sue Ramirez had that exact same problem, and chin fillers fixed it in a jiffy:

It can also help sharpen a soft or rounded jawline. Here’s why women like Sue have been unashamed to admit that they’ve tried fillers…and why you should add it to your beauty wishlist:

1. The effects are instantaneous.

“With Voluma, a contoured look with full cheeks, chin, and jawline can be easily achieved in only one hour,” says Juvéderm PH on Instagram. And it’s true—after one session with a Belo MD, you’ll see results you can’t deny. Each session only takes 30 minutes, and as soon as your doctor hands you the mirror, you’ll see the changes for yourself. 

2. Our doctors are experts in the filler department.

When we talk about fillers, we know what we’re talking about. We know how to give you results that meet your beauty goals, without making you look overdone or obviously-treated. First off, we’ve been at it the longest: Did you know that Belo was the first-ever aesthetic clinic to introduce BOTOX® and fillers to the Philippines? Secondly, we’re one of the best: In 2019, Belo was established as 1 of only 20 Centers of Excellence for BOTOX® and fillers in Asia by Allergan Aesthetics, the company that invented BOTOX® and Juvéderm. 

To remain at the top of their game, our doctors are trained regularly by Allergan about new protocols and techniques for injecting fillers. (We update you about these training sessions on Instagram Stories.) When it comes to fillers, trust no one but Belo.

3. We’re offering it at up to 25% OFF until October 30!

If you’ve long been thinking about, er, popping your filler cherry, now’s the time—Juvéderm Voluma fillers are at up to 25% off from now until October 30, 2020! The appearance of your chin and jaw plays a big role in how young you look, so don’t hesitate to give your profile that much-needed update.

Your journey to a more sculpted face begins with a consultation. Click here to book an appointment with a Belo MD, or here to book one with Dr. Vicki Belo herself!

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