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3 Easy Workouts That Will Keep the Holiday Weight Off

By Ysabel Vitangcol on December 27, 2020

With the holidays in full swing, we’ll once again be tempted with all sorts of treats on the Christmas table. We all know what that means. More pounds on the weighing scale, extra inches on the hips, and a possibly more pronounced muffin top. 

Don’t fret. By making sure to incorporate time into your week to do simple workouts, you can help keep the extra weight at bay. We share three easy workouts you can try at the comfort of your own home.

1. Sweat it out with a dance workout.

We can all squeeze in time to binge that Netflix K-drama, so we should be able to do the same for exercising, right? After all that curling up on a sofa or lying down in bed, there’s nothing like getting your heart pumping and getting a good sweat.  

This 30-minute routine from POPSUGAR Fitness combines the benefits of plyometrics to help you burn calories while increasing your speed, strength, and endurance. Don’t worry; the workout is super easy to follow! It basically involves repeating moves that make you move the entire body. What’s great about this video too is that you can follow the beginner level moves or take it up a notch by doing the advanced version.

What you’ll need: Comfy workout shoes 

2.  Do feel-good stretches.

The holiday break makes for the perfect opportunity to unwind, breathe, and to find what feels good. This is the catchphrase that Adriene Mishler likes to use for YouTube channel, Yoga with Adriene, which makes this workout inviting and totally non-intimidating if you’re just trying yoga out for the first time. 

Yoga lengthens your spine, increases your blood circulation, strengthens your muscles, while improving your overall flexibility. To break away from the typical serious yogi vibe, Adriene also cracks jokes every now and then, almost as if a yoga enthusiast friend was right beside you and helping you throughout the workout.

What you’ll need: Yoga mat 

3. Get stronger and tone up with a fat-burning routine.

Whoever said that pilates should be dull and boring? Cassey Ho’s Pop Pilates transforms pilates into an engaging and relatable workout. Because pilates uses your body weight to target muscles, you don’t need any special equipment. 

In this workout, you get to exercise to holiday tunes. The moves help you improve your posture, strengthen your core, increase your heart rate, while toning multiple muscle groups. Cassey also gives a bright, positive energy to her videos by chatting with you about inspiring and entertaining things, you won’t even notice you’re almost through with the workout!

What you’ll need: Yoga mat and comfy shoes

By doing these kinds of workouts, you can stay active, fit, energetic, and with lots of endorphins flowing to help you power through the holidays, even with all that sinfully good food. Don’t forget to do everything in moderation! Rest whenever you’re tired and get back into it when you’re ready. And best of all, enjoy!

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