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5 Beauty Treatments You Can Gift Yourself This Christmas

By Ysabel Vitangcol on December 23, 2017

Because you deserve it.

After working so hard this year and preparing like crazy for the holidays, here are 5 beauty treatments you should spoil yourself with to ensure that you look (and feel!) fabulous throughout the season.

Gift Option 1: Underarm Whitening

Has it always been your dream to have whiter underarms since you started shaving? Ditch the DIY treatments and opt for laser treatments to achieve your armpit goals instead. One option to try: Picosure. It’s the decade’s biggest breakthrough in laser treatments since it can instantly lighten and brighten the skin within just a few seconds. In fact, it’s even used to remove tattoos!

Gift Option #2: Clearer Skin

There are different facials to meet different needs. If you’re concerned about skin aging, ask for the Hydrafacial—it enhances your skin’s complexion for a healthy glow. But if your biggest skin dilemma is acne, even in your adult years, schedule a consult with a dermatologist at the Belo Medical Group. They can create a customized routine for you to achieve clearer skin. Beauty trivia: Cosplayer and social media star Alodia Gosengfiao had this exact skin problem, but through this program, she was able to achieve a clear and smooth complexion.

Gift Option #3: Laser Hair Removal

Been dying to say goodbye to chicken skin and ingrown hairs caused by shaving? Score smooth, hair-free skin by treating yourself to any of the laser hair removal treatment that Belo offers: G-Max, Motif Hair Removal, and Cool Glide Laser. Sit down with any of the Belo clinic staff members to find out which one will be more effective for your specific hair type and skin color.

Gift Option #4:Beauty Drips

Drips—or intravenous drips—are the perfect companion to your regular beauty treatments. “It goes straight to the blood stream, so the body absorbs it faster,” says Dr. Joey Muñoz, associate physician at the Belo Medical Group Greenbelt. To aid your beauty journey, try one of the four drips offered at Belo: Supervitamin Drip (to boost immunity and cell regeneration), Placenta AA Drip (anti-aging), Athlete’s Drip (to improve the nervous system and cardiovascular functions), and Cinderella Drip (Glutathione). P.S. You can also request a Belo doctor to customize your drip and remove certain ingredients if they’re not suited for you.

Gift Option #5: An anti-aging splurge

Achieve tighter and younger-looking skin with a prime anti-aging treatment, like Thermage. It’s a non-invasive treatment that tightens, lifts, and smoothens out skin in various areas of the body. Studies have shown that patients observe changes in their bodies after just a single Thermage session, with effects lasting to up to two to six months. No wonder actress Marian Rivera is a fan!

BONUS OPTION: Can’t decide which treatment to get just yet? Then we suggest that you buy a set of gift certificates! This way, you can set aside a beauty budget for the next year and use your GCs throughout the year—especially during times when you’re super stressed and in need of a beauty pick-me-up.

Looking for more ways to get all dolled up for the holidays? Click here to learn more about our services or call 819-BELO to schedule a consultation.


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