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Early-Bird Christmas Gift Guide: For Yourself

By Ysabel Vitangcol on November 29, 2020

With all the holiday prep and shopping you’ve been doing lately, you may forget to shop for some gifts for yourself too! The holiday season is the time to be generous, to your family, friends, and partner—but most especially, to yourself. You may have spent the majority of this year being a little thriftier than usual, and we can’t blame you at all. But as this challenging year comes to a close, you deserve to indulge on some of your whims and wants too. 

1. For an all-over glow-up: Belo Body Scrub Glow Kit: Radiance

Who wouldn’t want to glow from head to toe for the holidays? Skincare is important, but don’t forget to take care of the rest of your body as well. As an early Christmas present for yourself this year, belofy your skin at home with Belo’s signature body scrub that comes in a special kit. This radiance-boosting Belo-It-Yourself Kit will leave your skin smoother and more glowing to match the positive outlook we’re all bringing into the holidays and beyond.

2. For every day: a set of artisanal jewelry

It’s the details that make your outfits interesting. Whether you want to dress up a little at home or get dolled up for a video call, your jewelry will upgrade your look ten times over. This Bacolod-based artisanal jewelry brand creates slow-made and handmade accessories inspired by nature that you can pair with any outfit.

3. For getting through the year: some framed dried flowers

Every achievement should be remembered in some special way. In our opinion, getting through 2020 deserves all that and more! Reward yourself with a lasting token from you for you, like these beautifully framed dried flowers. Insert a note to remind your future self that you’ve gone through challenges and still came out on top. This way, you’ll always have these encouraging words to give you that extra push during the lowlights of your life.

4. For “just because”: a yummy, sweet treat

This season is the time for some indulgence, isn’t it? So why not treat yourself to a decadent cake from a world-renown bakery? Cater to your sweet tooth with these delightful tiered desserts. Remember, it’s not a cheat day but a reward for doing your best during an unusual year. You deserve it!

5,. For some added TLC: ZO Overnight Recovery Creme

The holidays can take its toll on our skin, especially for the (virtual) Christmas parties where we have to get dolled up for the camera. To keep your skin at its best and prevent it from drying out, give it some overnight TLC with this soothing and calming night cream. The ceramide-rich formula can restore hydration in the driest and most dehydrated skin while also reinforcing the skin barrier to lock in all that hydration. Plus, it has other ingredients like squalane, shea butter, retinol, and herbal and floral extracts to help solve your skin woes. You’ll wake up with a smoother and radiant complexion that will make feel good inside and out.

With that in mind, it’s time to breathe in the spirit of happiness and giving this season. Happy holidays, Belo Beauties! 

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