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Leave No Affection for those Love Handles

By admin on October 21, 2019

The term may be cute, but they aren’t something to take lightly: love handles. It’s indicative of excess fat in the hips and abdominal area. It can cause insecurity when wearing tight clothes or a bikini as the skin extends outside from the hips.

Love Handles Mean So Much More

Love handles are hard to eliminate with exercise and diet. These deposits of fat are also due to excess in hormones, aging, and even sleep deprivation. Either way, it’s all unwanted fat that affects both men and women.

It’s also important to remember that love handles don’t have any muscle in them. The concentration of fat in love handles is also the reason why they require intense cardio exercises to reduce. Given busy schedules and the urgency by which you need to get rid of love handles, time on the StairMaster won’t be enough.

Belo Medical Group’s Surefire Solutions

For those who can’t wait to bid farewell to love handles, Belo Medical has a choice selection of procedures and treatments. Each one shall be recommended based on the unique needs of the patient. Here’s a simple guide to familiarize yourself with each procedure, before you go for that consultation.

The Belo 360° Liposuction

What: Belo 360° Liposuction is an award-winning and unique Belo Medical service, this type of liposuction creates not just a thinner body. It sculpts you for an all-over approach so you are well-proportioned after the procedure.

How: Fat is first dissolved via laser heat. After it is suctioned out through the tiniest incision in the skin, so there are no scars, using a fiber-optic tip. This procedure also is less bloody than the traditional liposuction

After: You will see results immediately after a few days. Belo experts will be guiding you through the post-op care and you will see continued results as the skin contracts months after the procedure. Best results are usually seen after three months so it’s an investment that keeps on giving you only good results.


What: BodyTite uses a Radio Frequency Assisted Lipo Tightening (RFALT) device that melts fat and tightens the skin to contour the body. It is non-invasive and usually done after The Belo 360° Liposuction to create the best version of your curves.

How: The RF is focused on the fatty areas or love handles. There is no skin damage involved so your skin won’t be saggy. In fact, it will look even tighter. The BodyTite is all about contouring for those who need just a little extra to be their sexiest.

After: Since it’s non-invasive, you can have multiple areas treated and not just your love handles. But be prepared for longer downtime up to 14 days.


What: Emsculpt is another is a non-invasive treatment, this uses High-Intensity Focused Electromagnetic  (HIFEM) technology. The HIFEM  creates muscle contractions which is equivalent to 20,000 sit-ups in one session.

How: Given the high-frequency of contractions in a short amount of time, you will see immediate results. Fat is eliminated for that slimmer appearance.

After: There is no downtime. Results are visible two to four weeks after the last session and continue to improve for several weeks post-treatment.

Onda Coolwaves

What: This non-surgical procedure is an “all-in-one solution for fat, cellulite and loose skin.”

How: Onda Coolwaves gets its name from the integrated cooling system that the procedure optimizes. This firms up the tissues underneath the skin to cut down on cellulite while promoting skin tightening. Recommended once a month, for up to three sessions. Sans any pain!

After: Depending on the patient, Onda Coolwaves produces visible results immediately after a session. Plus, there is no downtime involved. Perfect for that quick fix just before a beach vacation or for busy people who need that one last push to eliminate love handles.

Are you excited to kiss your love handles good-bye? Call 8819-BELO (2356) or click here to schedule your consultation. Let a Belo Medical Group expert help you find the right and the best way for you.

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