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Derek Ramsay Doesn’t Want You to Skip Meals to Lose Weight

By Ysabel Vitangcol on April 24, 2020

When we think of Derek Ramsay, one thing comes to mind: fitspiration. OK, fine, we also think about his tantalizing eyes that give us butterflies in our stomachs, and that killer smile that sends us reeling…but really, more than anything else (including that charming personality of his), he is #fitnessgoals. That’s why when the longtime Belo Baby said that skipping meals is not advisable if a person wants to lose weight, we’re with him. Why? 

1. Forgoing a meal can actually lead to weight gain.

According to Haley Robinson, a US-based clinical dietician, skipping meals can damage your metabolism which makes it harder for you to lose weight. “When you skip a meal or go a long time without eating, your body goes into survival mode. This causes your cells and body to crave unhealthy foods and all attempts at eating healthy go out the door. When you are hungry, anything goes.” 

2. Skipping meals could lead to diabetes.

In a study featured in the New York Times, it revealed that skipping meals can also lead to diabetes, “The researchers found that skipping meals during the day and eating one large meal in the evening resulted in potentially risky metabolic changes. The meal skippers had elevated fasting glucose levels and a delayed insulin response — conditions that, if they persisted long term, could lead to diabetes.” 

3. Forgoing eating will make you feel tired and sluggish.

Remember the time you missed a meal and you had all sorts of headache and you felt your head spinning and at some point you felt like you might faint? Nutrition experts say this is because of the drop in blood glucose. According to Nutrition and Wellness Expert Frances Largeman-Roth, “When we don’t feed our brains, this can signal to the body that it’s time to shut things down.” 

So if skipping meals is damaging our metabolism and generally not good for our well-being, what else can we do to lose weight? Derek suggests having at least five small meals a day. Why? It helps you fend off food cravings. Allowing yourself to eat regularly prevents you from overeating and helps you to stabilize your blood sugar and energy levels. Just make sure to determine how many calories you’re allowed to consume per week. 

Another thing you can try is Intermittent Fasting (IF). Intermittent fasting is different from skipping meals. IF is more about controlling your cravings and practicing mindful eating, while skipping meals is depriving your body of food. If you want to try IF, set a schedule that works for you—and make sure to fill up on food that will sustain you throughout the fasting period. 

4. Don’t rely on nutritional pills

Derek also advises not to rely on pills for vitamin and nutrient intake. He says it’s still better to get them from real food. Also, Derek strongly suggests that before following a specific diet or weight loss program, it’s still best to see an expert and have a proper health assessment.

More than having a nutrition plan, Derek leads a very healthy lifestyle because as we all know, he stays active. Like, very active. He does 10-15 HIIT (high-intensity interval training) workouts a day! HIIT are full body workouts with no rest in between. Can you imagine doing a workout with no rest in between? Neither can we. Derek says it helps him get his heart rate up and sweat out toxins from his body. 

Check out Derek’s Instagram page (@ramsayderek07) for more nutrition and workout tips. Stay safe and lean, Belo Babies!

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