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Which Facial or Peel Best Matches Your Zodiac Sign?

By admin on July 10, 2019

When it comes to astrology, we’ve seen how it’s becoming quite a buzzword and culture in today’s millennial consciousness. Apps that remind you of daily wisdom based on your star sign are at a download high, crystals that align with your birth month are all over Instagram, even makeup products inspired by them are trending. 

For skeptics and believers alike, the way we can let the astrological signs work is always about guiding us. Your personal choices are still very important but it’s clear that there’s no harm to knowing your strengths and weaknesses. We may have difficulty identifying it ourselves, so our star signs attributes may help us with a jumping point. 

Given how our skin’s condition is affected by our preferences and activities, it’s not so crazy to find the facial or peel that would suit the lifestyle you lead. 


You’re identified as someone who is energetic, brave, and adventurous. We won’t be surprised if you’re into sports or traveling. Meaning, you’re exposing your skin to a lot of elements. Give it a reset with the Full Facial. This offers a deep skin cleanse, a face and shoulder massage, and a tightening mask to help you achieve soft and dewy skin. 


It’s said that Tauruses are romantic but also logical and diligent. It’s probably most likely you work a high-power job. Long days in the office, late nights, and perhaps working weekends means you need something to freshen you up. The Skin Master Botanicals Facial is best for you with its multi-step program to remove dead cells, stimulate collagen and elastin production, and promote oil-control. The result is immediate with luminous skin. 


Geminis are charming so they’re out most of the time and interacting with people for a living. This calls for your best looking skin. Go for the Spanish Peel. This helps minimize pores and acne via sugar acid peel and vitamin cream. You can now be up-close and personal without fear. 


Kind and caring, a lot of Cancerians are homebodies. Since you are concerned about others a little bit more than yourself at times, do something that’s truly good for you inside and out. The Oxygeneo Facial combines three different facial treatments to reveal a smoother complexion. 


A famous Leo? Jennifer Lopez. We suspect you share her go-getter attitude and would also love to have her signature glow. Make the highlighter pop by being lit-from-within by doing a Micropeel Cleaning. Scraping off dull and dead skin is followed up with an application of glycolic acid to allow fresh and a glowing complexion to come through.


You’re a diva. And that’s not a bad thing. Elegant and a perfectionist, you need a total break and a deep kind of treatment. Do the Madonna Oxylight Facial, made of six steps for skin-worthy of being a star. 


One one hand, you’re idealistic and beautiful. On the other hand, you’re a little prone to procrastinating. If you’re not into long treatments, get something that is effective but not complicated. Relax to a Honey-Almond Cleaning. This delicious facial exfoliates skin cells to create a rejuvenated complexion. 


As a water sign, you’re deep with insight and connected to your intuition. Perhaps you’re in a highly-intellectual job that needs you to be on top of your game all the time. Apply the same philosophy to your skin treatment of choice with the Contouring Facial. Part of the Sensational Signatures, this facial has acupressure, lymphatic drainage, and muscle stimulation. Your facial muscles then achieve that perfect V-shaped contour. 


You are superior, optimistic, and lively. However, you tend to be a little forgetful. Most likely, it’s because of that full schedule. If you’re the type who skips out on your nightly skincare routine, get some of that skin’s healthiness back with the Jet Peel. Here you say good-bye to the dead skin buildup plus the blackheads and whiteheads for a soft to the touch kind of skin. 


Generous and intelligent, Capricorns are leaders. So it only makes sense that they would want something pioneering when it comes to their skin treatments as well. There is the Hydrafacial, one of the most popular treatments at Belo Medical. This vacuum-based dermabrasion system gets rid of dead skin to show off your real, beautiful complexion. The exfoliation is complimented through the application of active serums and antioxidants so the effects go beyond skin-deep. 


An original when it comes to work and even play. There’s nothing like you, Aquarian. Feel extra special with the TotalSkin Facial. A four-phase facial, it uses various technology to reveal your best self. It employs radiofrequency, vacuum wash, specific treatment kits, and high-frequency ultrasound to enhance skin’s appearance and get rid of stubborn blemishes. 


Conscious and kind, there is a need to equal your gentle nature. If you’re skin just needs a little pick me up, try the Obagi Oxygen Facial. Suited for all skin types, this anti-aging facial fights free radicals to prevent damage. Plus it uses oxygen for a relaxing experience for your skin. 

Have you found your match already? Book a consultation with one of our doctors now by calling 819-BELO (2356) or clicking here.

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