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What It’s Like to Get a Belo Facial During GCQ

By Ysabel Vitangcol on November 18, 2020

Because of the quarantine and all the stresses we’ve all had to endure with it, you can’t blame yourself for being wary of stepping outside your home. But businesses big and small have gone above and beyond to provide you with a safe and sanitized experience, in spite of our quarantine limitations. Belo is one of them. We have adapted to the new normal and invested in effective safety measures to provide you with the same Belo experience you know and love. But if you don’t take our word for it, here’s a firsthand account from a real patient, Apple Valenzuela, on what it’s really like to get a Belo facial done during GCQ. 

When did you come to Belo for your facial?

I was one of the acne and maskne” breakout victims during lockdown period. So when Belo announced that they are back to business during the last week of May, I immediately planned my visit. I was lucky enough to secure a slot on the afternoon of June 11 at the Belo S Maison branch. That’s when I first had my facial during the quarantine period.

What did you observe when you entered the clinic?

Belo announced their safety guidelines and protocols online when they opened post-lockdown, and this was well implemented in the clinics. After I booked my schedule through a phone call, I got a text message from the branch confirming my schedule and reminding me of the new clinic requirements: to wear a mask and face shield, to bring my own water tumbler, and for me to come alone as much as possible (no companions allowed). They also sent me a link so I can fill-out the patient information sheet and health declaration form in advance.

During my visit, everyone was in their PPE. The doormen were outside, ready for a non-contact temperature check. Plus sanitizers and disinfectant foot baths on the entrance. 

Inside, you can see safety signages and social distancing reminders everywhere. Waiting time was also minimized. Since I was already able to answer the patient information sheet and covid screening form ahead, all I had to do was (digitally) sign the form in the recep area. After that, I was already asked to proceed to the treatment room.

What about when you entered the treatment room?

Apple Lim Wearing Black Face mask

Belo treatment rooms have always been neat and clean, but after the lockdown it felt even cleaner. I loved that every treatment (and almost every corner of the clinic) room had Intellipure air purifiers, it made me feel more protected and secured. Another notable addition to their safety protocol is that they asked me to gargle an antiseptic mouthwash prior to my treatments.

How safe did you feel during your treatment?

I’ve always trusted Belo’s standards, not just their machines or treatments, but the overall standards that they live by and deliver. One of the things that made me confident to go was when Belo showed that they conducted swab testing for all employees prior to opening. That made me feel safe to go, plus the thorough safety protocols implemented inside the clinic.

Any advice for those thinking about heading out for a quick pamper session at Belo?

Apple Lim at Belo Medical Group Clinic

I think it’s okay and normal to be afraid, but going to Belo for me somehow gives me a break from all the pandemic-induced stress I am experiencing. That quick visit is a breather for me, to help me cope with everything that has been happening. That wasn’t just pampering, it’s my way of self-care during this pandemic—which we all need to do. If you want to have that sanity break too, I suggest you go for it. Go to your most trusted clinic, salon, or restaurant. Just be extra careful in everything you do, and always keep safety in mind. We all deserve to take a deep breath, a time off, and to treat ourselves a little. 

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